Corsets As Fetish Wear

Your presence registers to your man, his breathing rate increases; he’s anxious, he’s aroused, far more aroused than you anticipated and that has you aroused, much more so than you anticipated as well. You carefully approach him, teasing him with a light stroke your of your hand across his legs and up to his chest. […]

Corsets Conclusion

There are many reasons why people wear corsets, reasons both intimate and everyday. From one basic pattern stem seemingly limitless interpretations of design and style to accommodate every type of figure and occasion. The corset has adapted to many different social conditions over time, and whilst today it could be said to be no longer […]

Burlesque Corsets Are Hot

In the 1800’s the word ‘Burlesque’ referred to a raucous, bawdy form of Variety Theatre. It was originally based on a troupe of women dressed in minimal costumes which focused male attention on the female body. These women would perform through dance, dialogue and very weak plotlines. Although ‘Burlesque Shows’ started to lose their popularity […]