WATCH Chinese Tech Icon Create Luminous Corset to Highlight Silicone Breasts

One of the most popular Chinese DIY makers, Naomi ”SexyCyborg” Wu, has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel to demonstrate how she had developed what she called an LEB (Light Emitting Boobies), which is basically a luminous corset aimed at emphasizing silicone breasts.

Wu, who was listed as one of the 43 most influential women in 3D printing in 2017, has explained that the effect of lighting is achieved through fiber-optic cables that are connected to the corset. She further showed that the cables are applied to the skin slightly above the breast implants and that the entire chest is highlighted due to a special transparent material that refracts the light.

Wu skyrocketed to Internet fame for designing futuristic 3D printed wearables such as an underlit LED skirt, as well as shoes equipped with a USB keystroke recorder, a wireless router, a retractable Ethernet cable, a shim for opening padlocks and a set of lockpicks.

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