Customers Are Buying This $30 Maxi Dress From Amazon Like Crazy — It Comes in 44 Colors!

We rarely need an excuse to buy a new dress, but in this case, we have a good one. Every time something starts trending on Amazon, we listen and it’s worth it. Right now this Milumia Button Up Maxi Dress ($16-$36) is selling like crazy, and we can see why.

The comfortable maxi dress is the perfect transitional piece that you can wear every season. Its versatile silhouette makes it easy to pair with sandals in the Summer or sneakers and booties in Fall. The button-up front and smocked waistline make it a superflattering piece that’s great for all body types. It even comes in a wide range of sizes. Its best feature, though: it comes in over 44 different solid colors and pretty designs. From floral prints to deep maroon shades, we want them all.

Like most popular items, sizes are already selling out fast. Do yourself a favor and get one  to complete your wardrobe now.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Dress Is, Hands Down, the Sexiest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Just when we thought we were a bit over slip dresses, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stepped out in the most glorious version of this lingerie-inspired trend. For an event in New York, the British supermodel and actress wore a stunning embellished gown by Christopher Kane. Featuring a soaring thigh-high split, it showed off her incredible figure perfectly, and had our hearts racing in less time than it takes to say “sexy.”

To complete her glamorous outfit, the 31-year-old star opted for barely-there Jimmy Choo sandals and a black clutch. Rosie also chose to keep her jewelry to a minimum, wearing only simple stud earrings and her gorgeous engagement ring in order to let her dress shine. Read on to see her dress from all angles, and then emulate the style for yourself with our shopping picks.

10 Little Known Facts about Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel is one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time. Decades after her death, her eponymous fashion house is still at the top of the luxury brand pyramid and continues to grow in strength.

French fashion designer Coco Chanel (1883 – 1971), circa 1962. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Although the odds were stacked against her, Coco Chanel managed to create a fashion empire that has stood the test of time. She’s a truly influential icon who has shaped the world of fashion. Here are 10 little known facts about Coco Chanel that are as inspiring as they are surprising.

1. Coco Chanel had humble beginnings. Her father left the family, and her mother died when she was only 12 years old. Because of these unexpected events, she spent six years in an orphanage.

2. She earned money as a singer before making her foray into fashion. After each performance, a plate was passed around, and she made small amounts of cash from people who enjoyed her singing.

3. Coco Chanel wasn’t her original name. She was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel and was given the nickname “Coco” after she became well-known for her performance of the song “Qui qu’a vu Coco.”

4. During her time at the orphanage, she learned to sew. In 1910, she earned a license as a milliner and opened her first boutique called Chanel Modes at 21 rue Cambon, in Paris.

5. In 1922, Her first designer fragrance Chanel No. 5 was launched. It was named after her, accompanied by the number 5, which she believed was lucky.

6. The concept of the “Little Black Dress” that’s synonymous with high fashion was put forth by Coco Chanel in 1926. So you can thank her the next time you slip on that sexy number!

7. She felt that pants were a much more practical choice for women and made headlines when she wore a pair in Venice to travel by Gondola. Her designs freed women from wearing corsets, and she also made shorter skirts fashionable. Her risk-taking attitude made her a true trendsetter.

8. The lion design is commonly featured on Chanel jewelry and is also seen on the buttons of the brand’s classic tweed suits. This is because her zodiac sign was Leo and she identified with several of this sign’s characteristics.

9. Her fashion house was closed for 15 years during the war. She reopened it in 1954 at the age of 71.

10. She spent the final years of her life at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. She passed away at the age of 87 in 1971.

Coco Chanel was truly an inspiration to women around the world and everyone in the fashion industry.

Fashion boutique coming to downtown Derby

Fashion boutiques may not be top of mind when it comes to Connecticut’s smallest city. Local designer Agathe Likoba is looking to change that.

She is preparing to open her flagship boutique, Likoba, in downtown Derby at 25 Elizabeth St. in the fall. Specializing in high-end jumpsuits for women, the shop will open Sept. 8, offering a mix of high-end and affordable selections.

The opening is timed to coincide with New York Fashion Week.

“I spent some time in Derby, and the first time I went there was just a feeling. I got in town and I really love architecture, so the buildings and the ambiance were really interesting, and I fell in love with it,” the Shelton resident said.

Her interest grew when she discovered a fashion history in the Valley city that included the manufacturing of corsets and hoop skirts. Companies like the Kraus Corset Factory, which was at Roosevelt Drive, sat among a trove of manufacturing sites in the 19th century.

For Likoba, who spent her childhood in Bruges, Belgium, it was a reminder of her childhood watching women dress up.

The France native has a been a Shelton resident since 2014, but she has lived throughout Europe. With an interest in fashion that stems back to her childhood, Likoba chose Derby because it reminded her of home.

“I’ve always been surrounded by women who were dressed up to go to different events,” she said.

After meeting the residents of Derby, she was sold on opening her first boutique there.

“Once I found a space there, I knew that’s where I had to be, and when I went inside that space, I just felt home,” Likoba said.

The boutique will carry two styles of jumpsuits with very different price ranges, offering what she described as her “ready-to-wear” and “high fashion” selections.

The former is geared toward serving the everyday clientele, featuring Parisian cuts and styles with an affordable spin. On the other end of the spectrum, the store will offer high-end selections with a price tag to match — between $4,000 and $9,000. Focusing on the luxurious and more expensive materials, Likoba’s high-fashion options are suited more toward special events, celebrities and members of the entertainment industry.

“I hope one day someone will wear one of my jumpsuits for the Met Gala,” she said.

Likoba will carry a mix of other items, including makeup and skincare products. The Derby store will also offer men’s accessories.

As the city looks to grow its offerings downtown, Derby Mayor Richard Dziekan said Likoba will add another reason for people to visit the Valley.

“We’re a nice little hidden gem here, and we’ve got some stuff getting ready to pop on the south side with some developments, and she is going to be on the ground floor with everything,” Dziekan said. “As soon as development starts, we are going to have a flux of people, and I am sure she will reap the benefits of that.”

While Derby may not seem the likeliest place for a high-fashion boutique, Bill Purcell, director of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, cited a past when many of the downtowns in the Valley were lined with boutiques and shops.

“You have to credit her for trying to bring that back,” Purcell said.

Fashion Nova Already Has All Of Kylie’s Birthday Outfits

Either Fashion Nova has a crystal ball or they have some of the fastest manufacturing teams on the planet. Before Kylie Jenner could even blow out the candles on her birthday cake, the Instagram-famous fast fashion brand was already teasing their Birthday Behavior collection inspired by the 21-year-old makeup mogul.

The collection is made up of three looks: the Birthday Bash Sequin Romper to match Jenner’s Swarovski-studded first look of the night, the Twenty Fun Satin Dress to match her second ensemble, and the Cut To The Chase Mini Dress which takes inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s birthday look. The items aren’t available yet, but they can be found in Fashion Nova’s coming soon section on their website. The collection ranges in price from $29.99 to $59.99, a far cry from Jenner’s custom LaBourjoisie jumpsuit which, according to Elle, would retail for about $8,000.

A far more likely explanation than a crystal ball, Jenner probably gave Fashion Nova a sneak peek at what she and her sisters were planning to wear to her birthday bash. How else could they have gotten out the looks on the same day as her birthday? The newly 21-year-old has shown an affinity for the fast fashion brand in the past, promoting them on her Instagram on numerous occasions. Fashion Nova even has a Kylie section where fans and browsers alike can shop a dizzying 190 looks worn by the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Now, with a couple clicks and a credit card, you too can look like you’re walking into a trendy West Hollywood club for a birthday bash of your own. No doubt, you’ll see these looks pop up at least a few times on your Instagram feed over the coming weeks.

The Oscars Will certainly Be in the middle of New You are able to Style Week, with no You are Content About this

Recently, the college Awards announced plans for the sweeping number of changes designed to tweak the Oscars marriage ceremony and most most likely bring in new viewers. The vague announcement of a new “Popular Film” category got the most press and elicited the most anger, while details that the marriage ceremony would be customized down to a strict three-hour runtime with all the current caveat that numerous awards didn’t be transmitted live on surroundings also ruffled many. The announcement that starting in 2020 the ceremony can be knocked up fourteen days to early Feb rather than the usual overdue February or early Mar airdate was met with far less handwringing, if any type of notice in any way. For most people this just supposed that the Oscars will now end up being exactly 7 days after the Incredibly Bowl, a unique but practical shift.

The American design industry, even so, noticed the date alter almost instantly. Particularly, the very fact it means the Oscars may not end up being slap apply in the center of Ny Style Week.

Whilst in the style sector Style Week could be the most significant time of the year, that same sector sees that in the eyes in the general public there is certainly bigger design event at the calendar than the Oscars red carpets. Now that industry will have to juggle both at once.

This means at the same time American design homes are completing their series and preparing their providing presentations, the can also need to take care of initiatives to get gowns at the backs of nominees. That also means that they are going to need to fill in their particular front aspect rows and party visitor lists with celebrities exactly who aren’t otherwise engaged with all the current Oscar occasions. And, if you think you’ll allow us to indulge yourself, that really does mean that the style press at this point needs to meal within the crimson carpeting in the center of style week. In addition the issue suddenly inflames one of the biggest reasons behind existential dislike for any New Yorker: the existence in the city of La.

Several American designers have got experimented with debuting their series in the city of Angels in recent years, particularly in 2015 when Ben Kia, among the shining superstars of NYFW, temporarily transferred his screen to Los Angles to, yes, coincide with the Oscars. The test just survived a period, however, you have to visualize others will dsicover themselves tempted to duplicate it.

This all comes at a time when there’s presently handwringing inside the future of fashion week. American brands have attempted moving their unique shows overseas, or selecting parties and presentations rather than traditional catwalk shows. Not much of a single design week goes by without many stories getting churned out lamenting the future of design week.

Nonetheless, maybe it could not that big from the deal. The Oscars have got traditionally fallen in the middle of Paris, france, france Style Week, and the ones People from france style homes have experienced simply no complications obtaining both A-listers within their front part rows in Europe and their clothes on the reddish colored carpet in Los Angeles. When the French might do it, perhaps you should the People in america?
It’s certainly not exactly like area is deficient celebrities, probably. Not everybody having a daring name is definitely asked towards the Oscars or maybe the afterparties. Certainly, there might be a number of A-listers bitter that their particular most recent enthusiasm task did not get an applicant selection who does like absolutely nothing much better than a champagne-fueled thoughts on the other hand from the nation throughout the Oscars.

All of us suppose authors and publishers, specifically from the digital ilk, will certainly have shed every thing upon Weekend night time and set in much more extra function throughout the week, yet there is certainly indeed a limit to how much uptempo the body are made for within a week, anyhow.

Besides, provided how a Oscars’ additional adjustments have already been received, might anyone become totally amazed whenever they abruptly choose to re-think their particular intended improvements towards the wedding ceremony?

Stella McCartney was the real winner of the royal wedding and it all started with making eco-fashion sexy.

Stella McCartney is talking about zeitgeisty topics like the state of fashion, the complications of raising a family, the rise of feminism and our collective impact on the environment. But all I can think about, embarrassingly, are her shoes. When she gets really animated in her speaking, she stretches her leg out, revealing a pair of red woven pumps.

The shoes, which have a deep V and are made in a leather-like, eco material she calls alter-nappa, are distracting. I wonder whether the pumps are in-store. And which parts of my wardrobe they would work best with and when I’d wear them (definitely shows, and big meetings). I should point out I’m not a woman especially prone to distraction. The shoes look rich and have an insouciant sense of sex and cool. In other words, they’re the opposite of what normally comes to mind when you hear the words ‘faux leather’.

The long-standing myth that the latter can’t be the former irks Stella no end.

‘It’s such an out-of-date way of thinking. Trust me, these shoes cost more to make than a pair of leather shoes,’ she says. ‘I had to train the technicians on the machines to use this material. People are being fed a lie [that leather and fur are more luxurious], and if they want to take it, fine. But I am here to tell you and show you otherwise.

‘The fashion industry has been using the same ten materials for the past 2OO to 3OO years – come on, guys: the food industry is changing faster than that. Everyone else is changing, but the fashion industry is doing the same old stuff, and getting away with it. They are getting away with murder.’

Roughly two decades ago, when Stella was a young Central Saint Martins graduate just starting out as a vegetarian designer with a no-leather/no-fur policy, most in the fashion world dismissed this kind of talk. Back then, planet-friendly clothing was anathema to fashion — the visually lacklustre stuff of hemp sack cloths and Birkenstocks. Today, not so much. As an entire generation of consumers and a growing list of brands begin to grasp the extent to which decades of unchecked consumption have damaged the planet, Stella’s sustainable practices suddenly look like a no-brainer.

Stella McCartney — the famous daughter-of turned famous-in-her-own-right designer, business owner, mother, wife and environmental activist — is enjoying a career high after 22 years in business. And that’s not because environmentalism has become fashionable. She’s just become the sole owner of her company, having bought out Kering’s 5O% share, and opened a new store, which is equal parts visual palimpsest (the four-floor space is decorated with impressive feats in recycling, such as ‘marble’ that is actually recycled foam) and technical innovation (the shop boasts the cleanest air in London, thanks to the cutting-edge filtration technology created by Airlabs).

Global Corset Market Manufacturer 2018 – VOLLERS CORSETS, ADOREME, Easto Garments, DarkLure, Organic Corset Co.

Global Corset Market 2018 Research report reveals paramount frameworks of Corset industry including market share, price, market size, segmentation and global trends from 2018 to 2022, considering 2018 as the base year of study. Further, it highlights important definitions related to Corset study, product scope, product classification, market overview and industry chain structure of Corset industry. Further, examination of forecast analysis over seven years is done to apprehend figures in terms of volume. It performs SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats) analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis such as supplier power, the threat of New Entry, competitive rivalry, buyer power and the threat of substitution.


Entire report is segregated according to major key players, geographical zones, product types, and opportunities.

Corset market separation on the Basis of Geographical: The report covers gross margin of the regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, The Middle East and Africa.

On the premise of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of every kind, primarily split into: Leather corset, PVC corset, Faux Leather Corset, Other types

Corset Market separation on the basis of end-user applications: Application type 1, Application type 2, Application type 3, Application type 4

As you move forward while reading the Corset business report we will notice different plans and policies of the top enterprises, their company profiles, product images, import/export details, relation between supply and chain, market gains, market statistics in the form of tables and charts, consumption ratio and Corset industry chain structure.

The Corset study report divulges confrontations faced followed by purchasing benchmarks in the Corset market. The developing trends of the Corset market and various market conveniences and threats are also cited in this Corset research report. Correspondingly, primary weaknesses and strengths of top players and current augmentations are revealed in this Corset business report. Finally, it delivers research findings, conclusions, abbreviations, and appendix.

Fashion: Five holiday trends that have taken summer 2018 by storm

TRY as they might, designer brands and high-street retailers can’t always predict the trends that are going to go stratospheric and those that are going to fall flat.

Fendi might decide that it’s all about minuscule handbags, but over in the real world we actually want to be able to carry around more than just our phone and bank card, so we’ll be sticking with our titanic totes and supersized shoppers, thanks very much.

On the other hand, sometimes one dress (or, as was the case last month, a spotty M&S jumpsuit) suddenly goes viral and sells out in a matter of hours.

Now that we’re well into summer, we can look back at the clothes and accessories that have been the biggest hits of the season – and that still have plenty of mileage in them.

From shorts to shoes and bags, these pieces are super-stylish in their own right, but it just so happens they also make a perfect capsule vacation wardrobe.

Here are five holiday hero buys to mix and match:


If you’re anything like us, you are not prepared to embrace the skintight cycling shorts trend. Not a chance. City shorts, however, we are totally on board with. Worn by day with a slouchy V-neck tee and sandals, or by night with a blouse and blazer, they’ve got a grown-up but laid-back vibe.


When it comes to shoes, Hermes’ Oran sandal has been nothing short of a footwear phenomenon this season. There are more than 80,000 pictures under the hashtag #hermesoran on Instagram and the H-shaped flat mules have spawned a ton of copycats on the high street – which is good news if you don’t want to pay upwards of £485 for the originals.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been spotted in no less than four different trench coat-style dresses this year, from ivory pinstripe and blush pink to inky blue. The great thing about a trench dress is that it needs very little by way of accessories, especially in summer, just add sandals and a tonal bag and you’re good to go.


The sassiest of statement pieces, the ruffle blouse has been around for a while now and we can see why this trend has been so huge.

For cool summer nights, choose a blouse in a block colour (pale hues work well) and pair it with breezy wide-leg trousers or the aforementioned city shorts.
5. BAG

Last summer’s trend has come full circle, as it were, with round handbags going supersized. Embellished straw bags are ideal for the beach, while minimalists will love the unfussy leather variety.

Transformation and Disruption to Be Discussed at Vogue’s Second Annual Forces of Fashion Conference in October

This fall, Vogue will once again host conversations between editors and industry giants, and it promises to be as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. Presented by American Airlines and supported by Milk, the 2018 Vogue Forces of Fashion conference will focus on forces of change, be they designers who are disrupting traditional business models, an environmentalist helping move our industry in a more sustainable direction, or a photographer reimagining what a fashion image can look like in a digital-first world. “We’re thrilled and delighted to announce our second Forces of Fashion in New York on October 11,” says Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. “Last year we enjoyed it a lot, and we learned a lot. This time round, we’ll be discussing all of the positive and progressive changes going on in the fashion world; to focus on a moment when empowerment and creativity are really working together.”

There will be a talk about the transformation of haute couture between Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli and Hamish Bowles; a discussion about women in leadership positions between Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy and Eva Chen; and much more. Currently, there are eight panels scheduled, with more special guests being announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for the event in New York City are available starting today and priced at $3,000, which includes breakfast, lunch, cocktails, and full access to the conference schedule.