What can you buy during tax-free weekend?

Each year, beginning on the first Friday of August, the state eliminates all sales and user taxes on dozens of items. The exemptions include local sales taxes.

The tax-free weekend helps parents and students save money as they gear up for another school year. But not everything is tax free. Here’s a look at some of the items you can purchase without paying the sales tax — and some items that will still be taxed.If you’ve been waiting to buy a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll be in luck on tax-free weekend. No sales tax will be charged on your new MacBook, Dell Inspiron or other brands.

However, computer parts are not tax free. So, if you buy just a keyboard, be prepared to pay the sales tax.To make it a bit more complicated: If a keyboard comes with your new computer, the keyboard is tax free.

Backpacks or book bags: Are you planning to buy a backpack for your fall camping trip? Plan to pay the sales tax. If you need a book bag for school, it will be tax free.

Towels or paper towels: Waiting to stock up on paper towels won’t allow you to avoid sales taxes. But if you want a beach towel for one last summer weekend on the coast, you’re in luck.

Baseball mitts or batting gloves: You can buy your little leaguer a batting glove without paying sales taxes. But her baseball mitt? Not tax free.

Adult diapers or toilet paper: There’s no sales-tax exemption for toilet paper on tax-free weekend. But those who use adult diapers will avoid the tax.


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