Woman flaunts TINY 16-inch waist after wearing corsets for six years

compressed waist

Social media marketing manager Sarah Vaeth (42) from Oregon, USA, who currently wears a corset for 20-hours each day, first tried on her first corset in 2012 in the hopes of correcting her very poor posture, but she had no idea that this would start her fascination with corsets, as she now proudly wears an 18-inch corset every day.

Sarah was developing a hunched neck and shoulders due to having bad posture, so trying on a corset was a way for Sarah to learn to hold herself up better, preventing a permanent hunch at such a young age.

The instant hourglass figure that a corset gave Sarah made her fall in love with the look immediately. Sarah’s first corset was a 24-inch waist one, with Sarah’s actual waist measuring 26-inches.

The slight difference that Sarah’s first corset created encouraged her to delve deeper with the hobby and want to see how much further difference she could make with even smaller corsets.


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