You Can Never Go Wrong with the Stylish Sweaters for the Cozy Comfort

Styling in winters can be pretty hard and all girls struggle in clothing. You should pick up the dresses which make you comfortable and which can keep you cozy in those winter days. You can never go wrong with the cute sweater dresses and tops. They come in various designs and you can choose them according to your body type and comfort level. Knitted sweaters are also very much in trend and you can go with different patterns. You can go for the wholesale sweater for women on various online sites to get them at the affordable prices.

 Some of the trending sweaters that you can go for:

Pullover sweaters – these sweaters can be pulled up by the string provided at the front and can be converted into a crop top. These sweaters are paired up with the jackets and they are perfect for the winter wear. These types of sweaters can make you look stylish even in the winters and they are perfect casual wear. From online wholesale offers you can get many cheap sweaters for your wardrobe.

One shoulder sweater – one shoulder sweaters can give you a sexy look with minimalist things. You can pair these sweaters with a pair of denim jeans. These sweaters come in loose fitting and are extremely cozy. You can go with the darker colors in theses sweaters to enhance your complexion and overall look.

Ruffle sweater – ruffles always make you look more feminine and stylish. You can go with the ruffle sweaters and pair up with the high waist trousers. These ruffles can be on the sleeves or they can be on the neck area. The ruffle design balances out the whole look and provides extra volume to your top.

Embroidery knitted – embroidery is always eye pleasing to watch. If you want something for the party wear, you can go with the embroidery knitted sweaters. Choose small patches of embroidery done on the sleeves. Go with the lighter color sweater and darker shade of embroidery done on it. These sweaters come in body hugging material thus giving you the perfect fit.


Which Shapewear is Best for Slimming

There is no dispute about the fact that shapewear can help you slim down or lose weight. It can be used for both the short term slimming effect and the long term effect of losing weight. For the short term, it can work by helping you look slimmer and sleeker when wearing it but still go back to being you when you remove it. By wearing a waist trainer, you waist will look slimmer and hips will be enhanced for as long as you wear the item. Good thing you can decide to wear it every day because it is made from the best materials that will not pose any threat or safety issues to your health.

On the other hand, if you intend to lose weight using shapewear, you will have to get the type that is made specifically for this purpose. This will help you perspire more, while still ensuring that you are comfortable as a result of the multiple layering that it usually comes with. This way, you will be attaining the short term of slimming down while still attaining the long term of actually losing weight as you continue looking good.

Shapewear like waist trainers, corsets, waist cami, full body suits, shaping panties and tank tops among others can not only help you slim down but also lose weight. However, to attain the desired purpose of slimming down, you need to choose a shapewear that is suitable for your body and is the right size. Slimming down is not supposed to be painful with shapewear but rather a flawless process, one that you can go through every minute of every day. Choose a wear that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly and not cause any discomfort to you as wear it.

Feelingirls Plus Size Body Shaper and Waist Cincher Show Your Hourglass Figure

Shop for plus size body shapers and waist cinchers from Feelingirls and be amazed by the transformation your body will go through. Gone are the days when you could not find anything nice to wear in your size. Plus size is the new zero because we here at Feelingirls believe in making every woman beautiful and making sure that she feels as beautiful as she looks. We have you covered for all your plus size waist trainer needs.

Our body shapers are not only comfortable but are manufactured in breathable materials that will not give you any discomfort but will ensure that you stay fresh all night long. Shape your body to your desired shape and bring out all the curves that God was faithful enough to give you with our body shapers and waist cinchers.

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Regardless of the kind of style of body wear you need, we have it all and then some. If you cannot find it in out catalogue, describe it to us and we will make it our mission that you get what you want or an equivalent of it depending on your body type. If you do not know what your body needs, we shall give you the advice you need so that you get the right shaper for your body type. At Feelingirls, we believe in making every woman’s dream come true by transforming their shape into the best that they can be cheaply and in a healthy way.

Where to Find Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

Losing weight has been made easy with lover beauty’s shapewear body suit. At lover beauty, we believe in offering our customers affordable solutions and high class products to give them their desired results. If you want to lose weight and look good while you do it, why not try one of our body suits. They are affordable and actually work.

Lover beauty offers the best waist trainers for weight loss because our products are manufactured to tailor to the individual needs of our customer. We manufacture exactly what you need to ensure that it actually works for you. Our shapewear will see to it that you get rid of that extra weight in no time without having to risk your life while doing it. Simply slip on our comfortable bodysuit underneath your clothes and go about your everyday business. Let the suit do all the work while you enjoy all the benefits and complements.

The way our waist trainers work is by ensuring maximum sweating to burn all that excess fat. You do not have to worry about dripping sweat while wearing our shapewear because the material we use has you covered. So attain your target weight by using our shapewear and still stay comfortable while wearing it. Our adjustable shapewear have double layer textile to not only accelerate perspiration but also guarantee maximum absorption of sweat ensuring that only the inner layer get all the sweat while the outer layer still stays dry.

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We offer shapewear for all sizes and in a variety of styles, from shorts, to sweat tank tops to tummy fat burners. We have it all and it is all at a price that you would not believe. Look good and stay healthy with the best waist trainers for weight loss from lover beauty.

Woman flaunts TINY 16-inch waist after wearing corsets for six years

THIS CORSET obsessed woman who only started wearing the controversial garment in a bid to improve her posture has now completed her six-year odyssey to shave eight inches off her waistline to compress her frame into a tiny SIXTEEN-INCH corset.

Social media marketing manager Sarah Vaeth (42) from Oregon, USA, who currently wears a corset for 20-hours each day, first tried on her first corset in 2012 in the hopes of correcting her very poor posture, but she had no idea that this would start her fascination with corsets, as she now proudly wears an 18-inch corset every day.

Sarah was developing a hunched neck and shoulders due to having bad posture, so trying on a corset was a way for Sarah to learn to hold herself up better, preventing a permanent hunch at such a young age.

compressed waist

The instant hourglass figure that a corset gave Sarah made her fall in love with the look immediately. Sarah’s first corset was a 24-inch waist one, with Sarah’s actual waist measuring 26-inches.

The slight difference that Sarah’s first corset created encouraged her to delve deeper with the hobby and want to see how much further difference she could make with even smaller corsets.

Sarah now wears a corset for 20 hours every day, and she only waited days after giving birth to her daughter before getting back into her favourite hobby.

“I felt instantly sexy because that little bit of difference, just a couple of inches off the waist at first, looking astounding to me,” said Sarah.

“After a few minutes I just felt awkward and uncomfortable because it takes a long time to break in a new corset. At first, I could only wear it for an hour at a time.

“A new waist training corset starts out absolutely rigid and then gradually the steel boning starts to curve and conform to the body, and the body also begins to conform to the corset.

“As an adult, I’ve always liked my body because it was strong, but I didn’t feel that my body was very feminine.


“I’m quite interested in tightlacing as a body art, with my own tightlacing becoming a kind of ongoing art project.

“I currently spend most of my time in a corset style skirts with an 18-inch waist, but I’ve recently started wearing a 16-inch corset style skirts for short periods of time.

“I own 14 corsets in total, some are just off the rack standardised corsets, but others are bespoke or semi-custom ones.

“I have a few interesting vintage corsets which I bought as curiosities, although they are wearable.

“The bespoke corsets I’ve bought are between £200-£300, and that’s really at the low end for bespoke corsets. My off the rack corsets are all around £60-£80.

“I tend to wear corsets for anywhere between 16 to 20 hours a day, and I almost always sleep in it. The longest I have gone with wearing a corset skirts sets constantly is 24 hours though.

“During my ordinary daily routine, I wear a short style corset skirts sets which allows me greater mobility. I can garden in it, clean the house and hike in it. The only thing I can’t do is run, so I take it off for that.”

Sarah has a four-year-old daughter, Kestrel, and it was only a matter of days following Kestrel’s birth before Sarah braved a corset style skirtsstyle skirts again.

Given how much her body had changed, and she didn’t wear a corset skirts sets for her entire pregnancy, Sarah started off with a 24-inch corset just days after bringing her new baby home.

“I bounced back pretty fast, I remember feeling relieved that it wouldn’t be a lot of work to get back into the corset skirts sets,” said Sarah.

“I ended up only wearing it intermittently during the first year with my baby, sometimes sleeping in it. It was too inconvenient during the day.

“I was spending a lot of time sitting in a rocking chair with my baby, but the corset skirts sets  just got in the way. Once Kestrel was weaned and crawling, it made sense to pick the corset style skirts back up again properly.

“I’m really in love with corsets so I don’t anticipate ever given them up for good.”

Sarah loves the way corseting has changed the shape of her body and even how wearing a corset skirts sets  style skirts has alleviated the anxiety that she battled for so long.

“I believe that it works very similarly to the kind of compression tools that are used therapeutically for a range of disorders,” added Sarah.

“I think there’s something about the way the corset skirts sets  forced the body into an upright, more proud posture. I think it tricks me into feeling more confident about myself.

“At the level of reduction I’m at, my ribs are compressed. This isn’t something that I even notice very often, but I know that my lung capacity is less than it was in a natural state.

“The body is resilient, if I was to stop wearing a corset skirts sets  , it wouldn’t take long for my body to return to its genetically predetermined state.”

These Goth Pinup Girls Channel the Dark Beauty of a Disney Villainess

Caesy Oney Wants Portland to Dress More Like Portland

Caesy Oney is trying to change the conversation around Portland’s fashion industry.

As the home of athleisure titans like Nike, Adidas and Under Armor, Portland is often thought of in the apparel world as the Silicon Valley of tactical fleece and astronaut jogging pant innovation.

But with Last Heavy, the new line he created with Los Angeles designer Thed Jewel and creative agency Kamp Grizzly, the 33-year-old designer rejects the sparkling Space Age textiles of the big athletic brands, aiming for an aesthetic more closely related to the city’s long-standing vintage scene.

“Ours is one of the few companies of its kind based here that doesn’t have anything to do with athletics,” he says. “We made this line considering the Portland palette and style.”

Last Heavy is currently sending its inaugural Autumn-Winter 2018 line to the market. The lookbook resembles a disposable camera roll of skate rats from some small rural Oregon town: tropical “sexy shirts,” trucker jackets, heavy wool long-sleeves, roomy hoodies, art-kid graphic tees. While the clothes are likely to be snatched up by Parliament-smoking punk kids, it’s not hard to imagine many of the pieces being worn by the more fashion-conservative—”like my Montana family,” says Oney, a native of Whitefish.

In his Industrial Southeast studio, a VHS of The Fifth Element plays on an enormous new flat-screen TV. On the stereo, Chance the Rapper bumps loud enough to make conversation difficult, while Oney chain smokes cigarettes into a glass of white wine.

A primarily self-taught maker who used to sew prototype sneakers for Converse, Oney describes the Last Heavy as a “unisex uniform,” like something you’d find on a factory floor. His first official voyage into apparel came with Draught Dry Goods, a collection he launched after graduating from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2008. Once his full-time gig, the work of designing, marketing and sewing almost every piece himself eventually caught up with him, and the project is now more of a side hustle.

Draught Dry Goods is more obviously high fashion than Last Heavy, and it quickly garnered a cult following. The most recent Draught Dry Goods line pays respect to sex workers—it was inspired by Oney’s two years working at Fantasy Adult Video. The line includes a backpack that looks vaguely like a sex dungeon mask and a clear, plasticine wallet that could hold a healthy stack of a dancer’s end-of-night singles. A recent lookbook he published celebrated legendary Portland stripper Viva Las Vegas, who was celebrating her 20th anniversary dancing at Mary’s Club.

“It just aligns with my politics,” he says. “You need to support sex workers. It’s a pretty shit-on group of people.”

Last Heavy tones down the overt sexuality, but like Draught Dry Goods, it fits into an increasingly non-gendered apparel landscape. In Portland, especially, the kids aren’t clamoring to announce their gender through their business suits or pencil skirts.

“I think these wide-legged chinos are going to be styled very femininely,” Oney says. “This one feels like a Western shirt, but works in New York. We sold the shit out of that in New York.”

Last Heavy will be available nationally at Barney’s New York and Ron Herman Los Angeles, and internationally in Japan and Paris. But Oney hopes the line will still feel rooted in Portland. Part of that is making clothes that can last long enough to earn their timeless appeal, the way Pacific Northwest companies like Filson, Pendleton and Settlemier’s have. Like the majority of those brands, Last Heavy is made entirely in the United States, where Oney and Jewel can achieve a higher level of quality by monitoring the manufacturing processes themselves.

“No one wants to spend $400 on a jacket and have it fall apart and go out of style,” he says. “I expect everything in this collection to be worn for years and years.”

The 5 Trends Scandi Fashion Girls Love

The one problem with living in the Southern Hemisphere (proximity to Europe aside)? The agonising wait we always endure before we can dabble in the new season fashion trends everyone else on Instagram has been wearing for months. But spring is finally here – and with it, the chance to try our hand at the envy-inducing outfits the street style set at Copenhagen Fashion Week have been pulling off with such aplomb.

In case you missed the memo: Paris has officially been dethroned as the world’s cool-girl capital, and instead of coveting French fashion, we’re craving the effortless style seen on the Danish It-girls that are blowing up our Instagram feeds. Taking our sartorial cues from the likes of Pernille Teisbaek and Amanda Norgaard, we’ve rounded up the top trends to emerge from the Nordic summer – just in time for the Australian spring.

1/ Wrap dresses and tops

Every season brings us a fresh dress trend: last year, it was all about the off-the-shoulder silhouette: this spring/summer, it’s the reign of the wrap dress. Floaty printed dresses and tops, cinched at the waist with wrap ties for a universally flattering fit, were everywhere at Copenhagen Fashion Week: buy yours from under-the-radar Danish fashion label VERO MODA.

2/ Breezy separates

One of the defining trends of the new season? Loose tailoring, given a decidedly un-business-like twist by way of look-at-me brights and pastel hues. From breezy silk two-pieces in all the colours of the rainbow (think everything from vivid green to peach to purple), to block-colour dresses and billowing balloon sleeves, coordinating separates were just as popular as dresses at Europe’s most recent fashion weeks.

3/ Check mate

Looking for something that’s a little more office apropos? Checked suiting is everywhere right now, from chic check blazers (we love this check blazer with a slight ‘80s edge by VERO MODA) pared back with boyfriend jeans for weekends and tailored black pants (or even matching check trousers) for work. You can take embrace the check trend beyond the blazer and incorporate it into summery outfits too – try Danish brand Cecilie Copenhagen for sweet embroidered check dresses and separates, or Swedish label Anine Bing.

4/ Whimsical florals

Florals, for spring? The phrase has become almost as over-used as the trend itself, but trust us: neither are going anywhere. Delicate florals, printed onto bold colour, are being seen predominantly on statement dresses and skirts to take you from early spring.

5/ Denim done differently

From the ubiquitous cropped boyfriend jean to denim culottes and high-waisted shorts, denim is essential to anchor the season’s floaty florals and silk separates. But it can also be worn all on its own: take the VERO MODA denim dress (available November), a versatile piece vital to any woman’s spring/summer wardrobe, or the MSGM denim trench.

Telluride: Emma Stone Reveals Her Acting Breaking Points

Five years ago, Emma Stone was asked if she’d use a two-week break in the middle of shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to play a role in Birdman. She accepted, but with misgivings.

“I wanted to [do it] very badly but was nervous about what that would be [like],” she told an audience at the Telluride Film Festival on Saturday, shortly before a screening of her new movie, Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite. “My nerves were confirmed because it was so hard and so technical and challenging and I felt like I was going crazy.”

One night, she said, “My character doesn’t smoke, but they gave me these herbal cigarettes, and I had reached a breaking point and I went to the dressing room for my lunch break at midnight and chain-smoked these fake herbal cigarettes that give you nothing except for a sore throat. Then we went out to do the scene and I was spitting angry with myself — and Alejandro [Inarritu] just looked at me like, ‘There it is!’ I was like, ‘OK!’ ”

The revelation that she could use her own anger, she said, “changed something for me, not to be afraid to let parts of myself break open, in a way that I was afraid [before]. I was 24. I’m 29 and still learning. Since that [movie] I have found joy and challenge in such a new way. All I ever want to do now is reach that breaking-point, because the other side of it is so incredible.”

Stone, who was presented with one of the festival’s Silver Medallion Awards, said her role in The Favourite had its own challenges — perhaps not with any such breaking points, but being the only American actor among a British cast, and coping with being strapped into a corset.

“It’s 1705, which was about 300 years before any period I had ever done. It was pretty daunting on a few levels — having to be British and not stick out like a sore thumb; and [b] to breathe!” she said to laughter. “After about a month, my organs shifted and I realized my whole body-shape had changed — and not for the better. But it all goes back. And that’s the great thing about human bodies!”

The movie tells the fictionalized story of England’s Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) and her favorite courtier, Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), whose relationship is interrupted by the arrival of an ambitious newcomer in court, Abigail Masham, a servant played by Stone, who becomes the queen’s new favorite. Much of the film, said Stone, was lit with natural light, including night scenes illuminated by “trays of candles.”

During the shoot, Stone kept a low profile, as is her wont. She added that she avoids social media at all costs. Even after an Oscar win, she said: “I’m essentially a bundle of nerves that are outside my body a lot of the time. Doing interviews [is] insane to me because any opinion you have can be reverberated back – that scares the shit out of me. Two a.m. tweeting, that’s not for me. But I respect anyone who doesn’t [have] this level of self-doubt.”

‘Favourite,’ ‘Roma’ hit Venice fest

The Venice Film Festival took flight yesterday with two high-profile pictures destined for year-end awards competition.

“The Favourite” is a glam, sexually outrageous English period piece about warring women (Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz) seeking power and position from an often infantile and seriously ill Queen Anne (Olivia Colman).

“Roma” jumps back to 1970 as Mexico’s Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuaron (“Gravity”) replays his childhood with a new understanding of the maid who was like a foster mother.

HIGH HOPES: Emma Stone star of ‘The Favourite,’ attends the Venice Film Festival yesterday.

“Favourite,” said director Yorgis Lanthimos (“The Lobster”), “is an interesting story in its own right and was the opportunity to create three very complex, complicated female characters. It’s something you rarely see on film and it was what immediately drew me to explore this story.”

Asked about her scheming character, a woman of lost privilege climbing up from the dung heap, a buoyant Stone, 29, said, “I loved every element of getting to play her. The challenges included being the only American in the (British) cast. That was a little bit daunting in terms of making sure the accent made sense. And the corsets were a challenge just because you can’t breathe all day.”

Colman (“The Night Manager”) will now play two queens consecutively — she’s Queen Elizabeth in seasons three and four of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

“They’re not very similar — that’s good. I can’t compare the two queens. I don’t think,” she added slyly, “Queen Elizabeth learned anything from Queen Anne.”

How was Alfonso Cuaron able to make “Roma” in black and white, big screen 65 millimeter, with 110 shooting days, casting two indigenous Mexican women who had never acted as his stars, and film with a semi-spontaneous approach that meant few ever saw a complete script? And with a Spanish-language picture?


“We know full well a Spanish film in black and white that’s a drama will have difficulty to find space and room to be shown. That’s why it’s important to have Netflix because they allowed me to make this film this way, the filmmaker explained, adding that “Roma” will be in theaters as well as available for streaming.

“When,” he concluded with a question, “was the last time you saw a (Ingmar) Bergman or (Michelangelo) Antoniono film in a theater? Or at home?

“There’s not a clash between formats but finding something that works.”