There is a long history for the corsets, about several centuries, Women, as well as some little girls, have used it to change their bodies.that is because they want to show they sexy body,this is a very important point for us,you know,The corset first became popular is in sixteenth-century,which happened in Europe,The earliest picture of a possible corset was made about 200 years ago.of course,  While the corset has generally been worn as an undergarment, it has sometimes been used as an outer-garment; corsets as outer garments can be observed in the nationwide dress of many Western countries.The picture is of a  woman, and the content of clothing portrayed might be recognized as a corset; however, it is worn as an outer garment.


   By the center of the 16th century, corsets were a normally worn clothing between European as well as British females. The garments progressively began to assimilate the use of a “buck,” a long, flat piece of whalebone or wood sewn into a covering on the corset in order to sustain its stiff form. The front of the corset was typically covered by  a stiff, V-shaped framework that was worn on the stomach for attractive reasons.


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