The eighties ushered in a new wave in music and pop icons. Even movies were more interesting and funnier. Technology has improved so much after a decade of Saturday Night Fever that more people find the 80s fancy corset skirts sets a welcome change.

Being invited to a costume party can be so much fun! It gives people a chance to be someone they admire or idolized. Most people would choose the usual cartoon, animal, superhero, and cowboy costume but there are others who prefer wearing clothes that bring them back in the 80s where good music and movies used to be the talk of the town.

Take Madonna for example. She has been dominating the music industry for the past 30 years. Even with all the new blood coming in, no one can outshine the famous Madonna. Her music is so popular that you can still hear them over the radio. Wearing a Madonna outfit like the pop bride fancy dress can surely catch people’s attention. It is a wedding dress themed costume in white with corset styled top and layered skirt. Wear this with lace gloves, veil, fishnet stockings and ankle boots would complete the “Like a Virgin” look made famous by Madonna.

Another popular costume of the 80s is the Wild Child fancy dress. This is another one of Madonna-made-famous attire that comes in leopard print jacket, black top and tutu styled skirt. Wear it with lacy leggings, white gloves, black headband and the Wild Child wig (a recreation of Madonna’s style of hair back in the 80s) and you’re all set to party all night!

Among the blockbuster movies back in the 80s was the movie Blockbuster. The movie and the music became instant hits that men going to costume party with 80s themes would choose to recreate the guys who saved New York City from swarming ghosts. You can enlist some of your men friends to wear the same costume complete with a proton pack to play the part of Ray, Peter and Egon for a more realistic feel. Other 80s costume would include Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle attire, Hawaiian shirt (made famous by Magnum P.I.), Mr. T costume and punk rock attire.



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