Modeling fashion of actress Norisato Yosa …. Using the unique check pattern item as the leading role, make the contrast by color. Coupled with light pink hair, it’s like ’80s mood drifting somewhere. It is Naka Risa’s “check mode”.With full length and waist tack, make beautiful lines stand out.

A graduated, larger block check gets a lot of looks. While it is a feminine form with plenty of tuck on the waist, the technique also shines a rough accent, such as cutting off sleeves. Vivid Orange pumps and big stone earrings boost the lady atmosphere. A unique combination of different materials produces a three-dimensional feeling.

Mixed tulle blouse, this season seems to be styling. The casual gloss feeling of the tweed jacket which woven nylon, the appearance with goods. The fringe that was made everywhere and the drop shoulder that dropped boldly is also the key to add a mode feeling. With the material & pattern of the trend, the season is up at a stretch.This season when velvet attracts attention. It matched to the item of velvet played with color, deep bow-shaped check pattern pants on the crotch. Correctly summarize the top compactly by highlighting the waist mark.
Excellent impact! Big shirt + corset.

The next It It’s “corset belt” is a friendly impression if it is common. The mens-like cotton shirt tailored to oversize, too, the facial expression suddenly changed with one belt. Combine the same lace-up knee high boots and enjoy exquisite height balance. Riisa Naka Naka Risa Born October 18, 1989. I am from Nagasaki prefecture. actress. She is appearing in the drama ‘Black Leather’s Handbook’ (TV Asahi) in the role of Yamada Yuko. WOWOW prime series drama “Plage” started on August 12th.


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