First of all, real corset skirts sets are made to fit specific measurements of each body. These measurements can be based off general figures for waist, hips, bust, etc… But bear in mind, most corsets should not come in a simple size S, M, and L. If you are looking at corsets online and they are only offered in this manner, they may not be the sturdy material you are looking for. Some pre-made corsets are also available, but these are more attuned to your waist measurement.

To find the best places online, it is helpful to search for sites that will make authentic corsets to your specific measurements. If you don’t know your measurements, that is ok. If you are not available locally to come in for a fitting, many online stores which custom make corsets provide a guide that will walk you through the measurement process and give you the best estimate for your custom made corset. If you are looking to ordering a pre-made corset, take your waist size and deduct about three inches to find the right size. If this is your first corset, or you are unfamiliar with them, this process makes it easy for you to get the best fit.

If you are looking to order a real corset that is custom made, be sure to provide ample time for the product to be prepared and sent to you. That process can take about four to six weeks to complete depending on where you live in relation to the actual place of business. If you are merely searching for a pre-made corset, then the time frame will not be as long.

Most people, when ordering online, are hesitant about the packaging being discreet. Many online businesses will make a note on their website that their packaging is just that: discreet. It will not contain the words ‘lingerie’ or ‘naughty gifts’ all over the box. Often, good online provides you with a simple brown box that has the name of the manufacturer and your shipping label.



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