The tight lacing corset has made a recent revival into the fashion world, since their presence in the late 1990s. The age-old historical practice is seen in the 2000’s, but with a great degree of adaptation. They were not just used for enhancing the contemporary womans expression of elegance and femininity, but also to highlighting her independence, dominance and power. The rediscovery of this feminist clothing item does meet the basic goal of augmenting the womans body shape and curves, but in a safe, health conscious and responsible approach.

The plus size corset dress was regarded as a health hazard in the bygone era. However, the modern age corseting is suitably modified to combine comfort with elegance. So, one should not be bound by apprehensions about cracking ribs, collapsing or feeling debilitated while wearing tight lacing corset. The key is to wear a well-fitted corset, which provides a good support and in no time, you will be “hooked” on to it. You can initiate wearing a tight lacing corset by using a snug two-inch corset reduction. It enhances your body figure and improves posture, without actually constricting and oppressing too much. Gradually, you can move on for further reductions, as it suits your comfort level and there will certainly be a time when you enjoy the feeling of its constriction.

The modern-day modified has rediscovered its benefits in appeal, posture and figure. Tight lacing is no longer associated with the medical problems that it was linked with earlier. These evils can be credited to imbalance hygiene and lack of medical knowhow in those times. Nevertheless, wearing tight laced corsets can be linked with improved and healthier eating habits, as they do not agree with taking fatty and fried foods. As for the removal of the lower pair of floating ribs, this is a complete misunderstanding. These ribs can be brought in with a little effort, while wearing the tight lacing corset.

Women involved in sports like tennis, which does not require too much of waist flexibility, can opt for wearing tight lacing corset to get a firm torso support. Women horse riders also prefer wearing corsets to provide bust and abdominal support and at the same time, improve posture.



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