If you’re like most people and are wondering what the difference is between Cheap Shapewear  and a Bustier is then you are not alone, being that they are both similar in style. Both are boned & fitted to the torso and have a very slimming effect on a woman’s figure. Corsets are designed to make a woman look curvy by holding in the the waist, while Bustiers, having built in cups are used to push the up the bust and show more cleavage. Originally designed as intimate wear, today both are worn as as sexy outerwear.

Both Corsets and Bustiers, are sized like a bra. You usually have a round the back measurement and a cup measurement, just like a bra, although when purchasing a corset or bustier it is recommended that you give yourself one size more around the back allowing for “extra movement”. For example, if you wear a 40DD, your bustier or corset size would be 40. If you wanted extra room, you would wear a 42. Most corsets and bustiers are made of stretch satin or lace, providing extra room without having to go up a size. They are also very comfortable. Both are often fitted with hook and eye closures that run up the back or sometimes they are laced up. They are made to sit just above the bust to below the hips so that garters and stockings are easily attached.

In Victorian times corsets were very popular. They were worn by all women but not for the same purpose they are today. In those days it was thought that woman did not leave the house without looking their best or slimmest. Corsets in those times were made hold in every extra pound.

Today, corsets & bustiers are worn under a suit or clothing to give the feeling of sensuality or to provide an extra lift. They can also be especially helpful as bridal lingerie under the dress, providing that slimming effect and lift you want for that special occasion. Or you can wear them for a romantic night with someone special.



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