Adult lingerie is sexy. It’s designed to imitate certain characters or people. Lingerie lets you portray roles by simply wearing attire that creates a special mood or feeling. The only difference is the outfits are designed in an extremely sexy way, showing a lot of skin and further accentuating the impact and heightening the excitement.

Sexy adult lingerie may be fashioned after a schoolgirl outfit. Instead of the usual conservative cut which this outfit comes in, the adult lingerie is designed to have a plunging blouse, overly short skirt and glittered, net, or sheer stockings.

Another example is a maid’s outfit. Used as adult lingerie, the blouse also plunges and only panties serve as a garment for the lower part of the body. The skirt is short for added effect.

Other kinds of adult lingerie are extremely erotic so that they have cupless bras. These cupless bras are usually a part of a teddy, harness or a suspender. Leather is a commonly used material for them as it exudes both a powerful and sexy aura. For greater effect, they are designed with studs, grommets, lace and/or nailheads. There is nothing like the feel of leather on your skin to create some excitement. A girl wearing leather lingerie has a sexy dangerous look and feel. A leather corset is just plain sexy! Guaranteed to spice up your sex life!

Accessories may be used to complement the whole style of the adult lingerie outfit. Examples of these accessories are whips, masks, hats, armbands, wrist cuffs, chokers, and collar. Most of these props and accessories are also made of leather.



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