Perform you walk in natural cotton t-shirts? Or wear completely cotton under garments on a time long hiking trip? We all all perspire, that’s accurate and hiking is a great workout but there is need to begin smelling terribly before you reach your summit.

Natural cotton fabric seems great and it is super comfortable but it can be also great at absorbing moisture such as sweat. Natural cotton also isn’t going to dry in a short time so once it’s moist it will stay wet for a long period which actually good for walking.

The best fabric to wear definitely is merino wool. Merino wool will keep you warm when you need it to, is great for layering and breathes well so that you can wear it in the center of a scorching summer but still stay well ventilated.

And it isn’t itching either. This is simply not like the made of wool sweaters your mom produced you use when you were a child. Merino made of wool is gentle, durable, comfy and very light-weight.

Merino made of wool fabric isn’t going to absorb dampness, it wicks it far from your body therefore it won’t become wet like cotton really does. It also dries much more quickly than natural cotton and among the best parts can be that it highly resists body odours! Which usually is really perfect for backpackers who require to wear their particular clothes more often than once on a trip.

I really like layering my merino made of wool shirts, I use varying weight load of tshirts all from Icebreaker.

The whole family members also dons wool walking socks for the similar reasons. The afternoon I changed over to high quality wool walking socks I actually stopped obtaining blisters upon my pumps. They are usually more costly but really worth the purchase.

Polypropylene materials are also perfect for hiking, they are the materials often present in workout equipment or working gear. In addition they wick aside moisture and dry quickly when they obtain wet however they do absorb body scents and they will not likely keep you warm.


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