You must have noticed a few people hitting the gym later than you and still managing to lose the flab quickly. Undoubtedly, they have good lifestyle choices and diet plans but so do you! How do they manage to get the results that quick? They might be using shapewear! That’s right! It is the secret formula to lose that stubborn fat around your belly and bring out your natural curves. Here are a few shaper types that Feelingirldress offers –

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Waist Trainers

These are a perfect way to cut down on the fat around the waistline. This HIgh power waist trainer has three belt system that provides compression in layers. The neoprene material is stiff but still feels like a feather against the skin. This sweat waist trainer is stretchable and you need to check for your size before buying.

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Arm Trimmer

While you focus on all parts of your body, do not forget to pay attention to the flabby arms. Though weight loss happens uniformly, there is nothing wrong with paying keen attention to specific parts. This trimmer firms your arms, makes them soft and strong.

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2-in1 waist and thigh trimmer

The first thing you will notice about this dual power design is the beautiful look. The blue color ads the chill to the high power trimmer. This trimmer has good velcro straps that are firm, prevent rolling down and show great results of burning both the fat against the waist and thighs.

best shapewear bodysuit

High-waist Bodysuit

When you are not working out in the gym, it is good to go for some shapewear bodysuits that lie inconspicuously behind your clothing. This off-white bodysuit has an epoxy design that prevents rolling down and gives optimum compression to the waistline. You can wear it for long hours.

Bikini Style Bodysuit

This is great for women who like to wear no sleeve clothing or prefer to keep their shapewear fabric minimal but still get same results. This comes with adjustable straps and is suitable for clothing that has decent skin show.

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