If you have watched a bit of fashion shows and if you have leafed through a bit of fashion magazines, it seems impossible to me not to mention this trend first on the list! Black is always a good idea, and it will be a trend perhaps among the most dominant of those seen on the catwalks. In particular, we will tend to show off a total black outfit. Black is a timeless color and you can’t help but have a black garment in your wardrobe: it can be used in a thousand different occasions, it suits everyone, it is elegant, sober, gritty.


Again, we saw lots of pieces with red details on the runways. There are many shades of red with which we can experiment with various looks. I can’t wait to show off red garments in the coming months!


We have seen chains both in accessories, such as in necklaces or earrings, and also as a particular detail in bags and shoes, for example shoes with very thick ankle chains. Anyway, if you don’t want to use chains in shoes or boots, you can indulge yourself with chains in silver or gold color, depending on what you prefer, wearing them on jewelry and bags.


For all lovers of silver and glitter! A very beautiful and elegant color, and above all unexpected, given the current trend of wearing gold items.

Extra-large sleeves

Not just simple puffed sleeves, but really giant, abundant, almost oversized ones that recall the 80’s models. A truly fascinating trend!


I’m talking about clothing with patterns that seem a bit geometrically attached to each other. A trend that certainly intrigues a lot: a patchwork shirt or jacket combined with something basic could be very interesting!


If you are a lover of fringes on boots, skirts, accessories such as bags, you will surely be on the safe side, because it is a full-blown trend for this autumn-winter. I must say that it is a trend that inspires me a lot.

Lady bag

If you go to find in your grandmother’s trunk and take a small bag from these years, be sure that you are wearing a trend, because all those bags that seem a bit fished out from the past will be in fashion: small, well-structured, elegant bags with a vintage look and that recall those that our grandmothers wore.

Column dresses

I’m talking about very minimal, very simple, basic dresses that go straight down the entire body. The minimal style is very beautiful, as is the idea of these dresses. These are soft, comfortable dresses with simple lines, which go down almost to the end of the leg.


Especially the retro ones! Here, too, it seems to return to the fashion trends of the beginning of the last century: collets have been re-proposed by many brands, sometimes even in an extremely excessive way! Obviously, you have to pay a lot of attention when it comes to them: they are reinterpreted and reinvented in an extremely sophisticated, glam, and modern way. They are very extravagant, and if you go to wear a collar, to avoid the porcelain doll effect, it must certainly be downplayed with something more basic. We will see collars in all shapes over the next few weeks!


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