You will agree with me when I say one of the most convenient and comfortable pieces of clothing, in our wardrobe are dresses. They are the most practical and easy to wear clothing. Wearing dresses does not need much thought, just put on and out of the door. We need not worry about matching it with other pieces. During summertime dresses are worn on repeat without much thought. However, as the weather starts to change and we are stepping into autumn and winter, wearing only dresses will not suffice. To make ourselves comfortable and warm we can add a pair of tights and a cool jacket over the dress and look stylish at the same time.

Styling autumn outfits can be a bit tricky. No matter the season dresses are always complemented with a jacket or a coat. However, wearing a coat over your dress can hide the beauty of the dress. Apparently, coats and jackets become the most visible attire of your whole outfit. But there are ways to style the jackets in a way that we can see your whole ensemble. Or the simple coat can even highlight and make the dress underneath stand out. Like if it is not too cold wearing the jacket just on the shoulders or keeping the buttons undone will make you look cool and stylish at the same time.

Since autumn weather just begins to cool and it is still not too cold wearing a dress with a cool jacket makes it look stylish and fashionable. Here are some of our favorite ways to style a dress with your jacket for the season.

A black blazer is a perfect formal wear. Black color specifically makes the blazer versatile as it goes well over every color. You can layer a blazer with your dress or other outfits to look polished and elegant.

Denim is like evergreen in the fashion world. It never goes out of fashion and is available in many different styles. However, denim is more for casual wear than a formal one. If you want to look cool and trendy, you will need a denim jacket in your wardrobe.

Plaid is another trend for the autumn and fall. The long coat paired with plaid skirt and a knit sweater top, looks rough yet stylish and fashionable. We particularly love the warm neutral color combinations.

A floral dress with matching jacket is pretty and adorable. We love the colors and style. It adds elegance and style.

A trench coat is a must in your wardrobe for colder weather. The jewel-toned green looks stylish and perfect for fall. You can also add a beige and black coat to a beautiful floral dress. Wearing the coat in different ways makes it look more fashionable.

So, it is still not the time to ditch your dress. You can wear them by styling it with cool jackets and coats. Besides autumn is the time when we transition from warm summer days to cooler chilly evenings.


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