Pantone Color institute presents the color trend that will be popular each year. And these color trends are mostly seen and featured in various areas of art and design. And this also includes fashion color trends. The true fashion-forward ladies will want to add these colors to their wardrobe.

This year the most popular and trendy colors are the rich earthy tones with a few neutrals. Neutral colors are classic and pair well with everything and the fashion designers are presenting these earthy colors in their fashion shows. Besides as the weather starts to change, one thing everyone loves about fall and winter fashion trends is colors. The darker skies and cooler nights and the changing colors look beautiful. The bright rich warmer earth colors like orange, all shades of brown, yellow, red, rich green, purple, burgundy, etc., are so on-trend these days.



Classic neutrals are always trendy and timeless. No wonder neutrals are always in fashion and these color trends not only reflect timelessness and versatility but also create uniqueness. Besides people want longevity with their clothing and neutrals are the ones that are evergreen and always remain in fashion.

Shades of red are very popular. Starting with the bright mandarin red that is most striking of all, the other reds like brick red, burnt henna are making the rounds too. While the latter is more sober and mature, a bright cherry red coat will give you the title of a fashionable woman.

Gold and silver colors are the current fashion trend for winter. However, these are reserved for special occasions and events. It looks glamorous and always over the top.

Magenta purple is another color we are in love with this year. The warm deep tone of purple is such a royal and glamourous shade to wear. Fashionistas are rocking the magenta-purple jackets, trousers, tops. Besides if you can find a sparkly magenta-purple dress, you will steal the show. Get ahead and add some of this color to your wardrobe.


With classic deep blue, the deeper shades of green are another most loved color this season. It is specifically the classy bluish-green color that adds sophistication and looks elegant. You can choose a figure-hugging jumpsuit, a peplum top with puff sleeves which also very fashionable, a trench coat, etc to rock this color.

Besides these warm earthy tones and shades of neutrals black is the color that is seen in most fashion shows. While black is always present, this year its extra presence is felt everywhere. If you are the one who most of the time prefers to wear black, you laying the trend this year. The earth colors are ruling the fashion world, so stay on trend and enjoy the beautiful colors and the attention that you will gain while you rock these shades.


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