When we say suits, many think of elegance and a special occasion. However, today the range of suits is so large that there are many casual ones that we can wear even on less formal occasions. I like a good suit, in which it feels relaxed to wear during the day, for walking or work. On the one hand, it is beautiful enough and a woman looks tidy when wearing it, and on the other hand, it is very practical because it can be worn in many ways. What I like about casual suits is that we can wear them separately. Let’s say pants with a shirt, while a jacket can be worn with jeans.

What every woman or girl should have in her closet is a white suit

Relaxed, looks great, looks luxurious and high quality. It can also be worn to the office, and you can use it for some more solemn occasions. I really see myself in this suit. I would love to wear it for work too. If you want to break the monotony, you can wear a T-shirt of another color underneath. Everything combines perfectly with white. The contrast between white and black would be great for me here. What do you think?

A gray suit, like the one in the picture, I think every businesswoman owns. 

Both younger and older. This is truly a model that is a classic, does not go out of fashion, and can be worn forever. So I suggest you feel free to set aside a certain amount of money for the quality of the suit because this is a piece that lasts. If you want a relaxed business style, you can wear it with a wide white shirt, if you want a slightly more serious and medium look, a shirt is a great choice. Pants of this cut perfectly suit every figure. Like a jacket. You can also wear it with a black pencil skirt, so you can get another combination for the office.

This kit from the picture may seem too serious and elegant for the job, but believe me, it is not. 

With flat shoes, that is, some ballet flats and with an added scarf around my neck, I see the bass as a relaxed edition and very chic for the office. These suites with a dress are also a great choice because they look very elegant. And comfortable. This cut of the dress, which is a bit more relaxed, is a great model for the office. It is not crowded when you sit, it is comfortable, so be careful when choosing materials. It goes without saying that everything is made of natural and quality materials because you spend part of the day at work.

This is exactly what I mentioned to you, how the combination looks completely different if the jacket and the dress are in a different color.

 You will agree that this immediately seems more casual to the eye. This is actually the freedom to express your taste by combining different pieces from different suits. With a few pieces, you have a new business combination every day.

I will say right away that I know that for many this would not be a job choice. 

At least in my environment, people react that way. Girls mostly choose gray, white, and black for the office. However, my voice goes with these colors as well. In my opinion, ideal for spring and summer. And model clothes and colors. Very businesslike and polite, and you will bring a breath of sunshine and positivity to the office. The team will be delighted!


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