Year in year out, one of the most recurring complaints when it comes to the body is still on the agenda: the small deposits of fat, so easy to conquer, but difficult to lose. On the flanks, belly and inner thighs, mostly.

In the international and domestic market, to eliminate this problem and look nicer, you must enter the Shaping Swimwear trend.

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The modeling strap ideal to leave you with the perfect body is the seamless body shaper. With the accessory it is possible that your body is contoured and curved.

Today, several celebrities are adept at using body shapers and manage to improve their look, in addition to making their looks sensual. If you want to wear a tight dress, but are afraid, the alternative is to bet on this item.

The interesting thing is that in addition to modeling the silhouette and leaving it with a slim waist, the body shapers can also help correct the posture. To look beautiful in any look, the piece is indispensable in your wardrobe.

How about rocking this summer and betting on the accessory and producing yourself in a dazzling way?

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How to wear waist trainers

For wholesale waist trainers to flatter your curves, you need to choose the model that fits your body. To make the right choice, here’s how to choose:

Types of waist trainers

The favorite season of many has arrived, summer and we can say that with it it is possible to use this wonderful product, the ideal model to wear with a dress for example are corset, shorts, leggings, panties with belly reinforcement, thong belt and others.

To decide which model suits your look best, try it and see if it doesn’t work. In addition, there are strapless versions, with just one shoulder and with more reinforced straps.

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Perfect fit for your body

Today there are several different models that serve for different occasions. To wear it with a dress, the right thing to do is to opt for the version that is comfortable and also doesn’t hurt, a good example is the body shaping swimwear.

This model is ideal for wearing under beach cover-ups, dresses or just a piece for beaches and pools, great for the summer heat.

Also, never buy a model smaller than yours, it doesn’t help to reduce your waist. On the contrary, the orthosis can hurt and cause injuries.

Usage time

The ideal is to stay with the body modeling the bathing suit for a maximum of seven hours. It’s important not to stay longer, as it can hurt, in addition to causing skin problems. Avoid using frequently so your skin can breathe.

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Tight dresses

The shaping-swimwear is ideal for you to wear with your favorite dress. Special occasions require you to invest in unique looks, so everything needs to be perfect.

When dressing for this moment, shaping-swimwear allows you to create very daring looks. Look to wear it with dresses with necklines, slit details or with the famous black tube dress and bet.

Dresses with trim

Another feature of the accessory is the possibility of ensuring more fit for your productions. In this case, the ideal dresses are those with fluid and looser fabric. As the belt marks the waist, you can wear it with a looser dress and opt for a belt to give it a mark.


To complete the outfit and make your look stunning, bet on accessories. To complete, put on your feet a nice heel, earrings, bracelets and a handbag.

Now that you know how to choose Shapewear for the summer, tell us how you use it.


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