The Ever-Faithful Bra and Panty – A Chronological History of Modern Undergarments

The history of modern undergarments began in the 1850s, when women began wearing long leggings known as bloomers to provide additional modesty under their long skirts. Bloomers were open between the legs. These early undergarments are the base that all modern undergarments come from. It wasn’t until the 1900s that women began sewing the sides […]

Tanker the wombat dies, and Zara criticised for ‘Pepe’ skirt

Social networking users mourn the loss of superstar wombat Meat, and Zara is criticised for advertising a denim skirt having a lookalike on the “hateful” Vitalité the Frog meme. “Bucky-toothed heaven” The death of Australian “celebrity wombat” Meat, said to be the oldest bare-nosed wombat in captivity, possesses sparked tributes online. This news has been […]