Autumn clothes last year updated the “tight corset belt”! How to introduce beginner lectures

Belt is the trend this year. There are several types, but do you know “corset belts”?As its name is tights, in the design, for example, to become a band with a thick feature that is compared with the syllabus. Although seemingly and difficult may be Concorde, happy a surprisingly simple point.So this time, I will […]

The Ever-Faithful Bra and Panty – A Chronological History of Modern Undergarments

The history of modern undergarments began in the 1850s, when women began wearing long leggings known as bloomers to provide additional modesty under their long skirts. Bloomers were open between the legs. These early undergarments are the base that all modern undergarments come from. It wasn’t until the 1900s that women began sewing the sides […]