Choose clothes according to your personality

Whether your personality is very feminine, sunny, sweet, positive, sexy, cheeky, and partying in the evening, try to dress accordingly and make sure that the outfit you are going to create speaks for you. It is very important that the outfit represents you, as it is the first thing a person looks at before approaching to talk to you! Don’t give up on heels if they make you feel like yourself, or on ankle boots, or super sexy lingerie under your dress. What is important is never to give up on ourselves and our personality, even the sexiest!

Choose garments that make you feel comfortable

If you do not feel comfortable in a pencil skirt do not buy it, as you will go to live your day or your evening uncomfortable. This is nothing more wrong, as you need the outfit to make you feel confident and increase your self-esteem! According to this, opt for a full skirt, wide and long to feel better, or a pair of jeans based on your personal experience!

Get out of the labels

The last generations have grown up labelling themselves through a style, which can be casual, glamorous, sporty, a little rocker etc. Vary your style! There is no problem with changing your style from time to time. Get out of the rules and start wearing a pair of heels if dressed sporty or take advantage of the womens hoodies sale to get out of the usual tight crop tops! Be flexible, do not follow a bon ton, as this thing limits you. Those who wear sportswear 7 days a week (or casual, trendy, etc.) must let themselves go one day of the week to a more elegant style, feeling at the same time themselves!

Be aware of your body by helping yourself with social media

We need to understand what values us and what does not value us. We have to be good at choosing the items that enhance our strengths, by hiding those parts we don’t want to point out! From this point of view, it can be of great help to find fashion influencers who are like you physically and use a style like yours to be able to take inspiration from their outfits. Fashion bloggers are very good and from this point of view there is only to learn to get ideas when buying cheap womens clothing.

Follow the trends and choose the ones that represent you

At the beginning of each season, there comes that moment when we look for the trends of the moment. Obviously in a list of 10 trends, not all ten have to represent you, and if you find yourself in this case you don’t have to feel obliged to wear them just because they are in style! For example, in recent years the neon color has been very fashionable, but if you think it doesn’t represent you, you don’t have to feel obliged to wear it. You can wear many other fashion trends!


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