When deciding on having a custom made wedding dress by a professional, high qualified wedding dress maker or bridal designer, you need need to pick one who you can trust. But how to choose if you have no idea where to start? Here are some tips for you to make this decision easier.

There is always important to know, what exactly are you looking for! So open you mind and ask the question: who is a dressmaker? (see what Wikipedia published about it)

“The Oxford English Dictionary first recorded ‘dressmaker’ in 1803. Throughout the nineteenth century and until the rise of ready-to-wear, most women who did not make their own clothes at home employed a dressmaker, who copied or adapted the latest clothing ideas from Paris, London or other fashion centers, based on printed illustrations called fashion plates.

A dressmaker is often professionally trained. Many learn in an apprentice role, under the tutelage of an established dressmaker, while some learn in formal school settings. Still others learn through years of trial and error. Dressmaking methods involve measurements, a trial garment, called a “muslin” or “toile”, and several fittings.

Custom dressmakers also create clothing for clients with unique needs, such as performers, artists, disabled or wheelchair-users, wearers of prosthetic devices, vintage or fashion-forward aficionados, and historical re-enactors. They can also recreate, redesign, and reinvent existing garments (such as updating a great-grandmother’s gown for modern day use). Some have very specific specialties, such as embroidery, reweaving, and restoring garments. Some are designers who can create a garment entirely “from scratch”, and some require a pattern or an existing garment to use as a guide”



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