Before they serve as a fantastic fashion item, hats first act as head protection from intense heat or extreme cold. Since it is already the winter season, you may think about how to adapt your style to this season with your fashion from head to toe.

Choosing clothes is easy, but complementing them with a hat is challenging because its designs are limited. You need to consider if they match the clothes that you wear. It means you have to take an intent look at the color, the designs, and even the sizes. Meanwhile, here are the hats you can wear to keep you warm when really capital.

A Knit Beanie

A knitted beanie is ideal to use because it gives incredible protection to your head. This knit includes a wool compilation that perfectly insulates the heat so you can avoid headaches due to intense weather.

Aside from head protection, it can also serve as an excellent fashion highlight. You don’t even need to tie your hair up with this hat.

A Fur Hat

Go for a fur hat to keep your head and ears warm in this winter season. The fabric of this hat is fantastic for giving you extreme protection to your head. It is thick and, therefore, comfortable to use.

As for your hair, you can let it fall over your shoulder since it is already cold. The hair will add to the warmth that this fur hat brings to your head.

Faux fur hat

The Baker Boy Hat

Not only does this baker boy hat gives protection to your head, but it can also emphasize your winter glam. You can wear this hat with a casual tee and a pair of skinny denim jeans.

But, when you want to go extra, you can match it with your elegant coat in autumn hues such as orange or brown. ‘Tis the season of embracing what you truly want and never covering up your flaws for a compromise.

A Bucket Hat

If you want to upgrade your turtleneck and do not feel like wearing a scarf, go for this bucket hat. The one with bright colors can make you stand out in this gloomy weather. In addition, it can also be your go-to when you are having a bad hair day because it covers a prominent part of your head and still makes you look as beautiful as ever.

The thickness of this bucket hat can also give warmth to your head so you can avoid breakages and frizz.

A Fedora Hat

If you want to ace that cowboy look without sacrificing your girly vibes, this fedora hat is the best choice for you. The space above your head can welcome the warmth, which is enough to protect your head and hair from any cause of hair damage and headache because of the intense cold.

This fedora hat looks good in maxi dresses and cowboy boots.

A fashion item like these hats can serve a dual purpose: to protect your head and boost your style. It is always up to you which types you want to rock. After all, what matters most is that you are comfortable.


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