Instead of a good fairy you could be a wicked fairy with torn wings, torn stockings and a black corset and tutu or frilly skirt with long black boots. There are also dark fairy costumes available and an interesting take on Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, Tinkerspell – with torn stockings, docks, crooked, torn wings and messed up hair.

Easter is not usually taken as seriously as Christmas. For Catholics, the celebration is more meaningful. However, it is never too late to making Easter an enjoyable holiday as well as a celebration. The merry mood can be created by having festive Easter trimmings and adornment. All the décor would also help lift the spirits of the celebration.

There are many sources of ideas and suggestions for Easter decorations and one of which is the ever reliable Internet. There are numerous online stores out there in the World Wide Web that offer a range of products perfect for events such as Easter. Of course don’t forget to include those that are called as Easter staples which are the bunnies and the eggs. Other items to consider are the baskets, flower garlands (and the flowers need not be fresh as artificial ones will do if you are on a strict budget) and festoons.

Countries located in the northern hemisphere (like the countries composing the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada) welcomes Easter with much ardor and enthusiasm since this occasion welcomes the coming of spring and everybody loves springtime where the flowers starts to bloom and the harvests become bountiful and there is a soft breeze lingering in the air and everybody just have this relaxing feeling while strolling down the streets or jogging at the park as they breathe in fresh, sweet, spring air.

As spring is a much-awaited season, so is Easter which marks the beginning of it and the beginning to dress up in those funny but cute-looking Easter bunny costumes and go “hopping around” the neighborhood and ” laying eggs” here and there. A bit of a background regarding the Easter bunny: It’s true that rabbits or hares don’t lay eggs. The reason behind the rabbit being the “official mascot” of Easter is that rabbits symbolize rebirth and renewal, which is in turn what spring is for people. There is also this mythology that a pagan goddess by the name of Easter (where some would say the word ‘Easter’ came from) took pity of a bird that couldn’t fly away because the winter season made its wings frozen. The goddess transformed the bird into a rabbit and it is said that Easter made the rabbit lay eggs like it used to do when it was still a bird. Well that’s one of the stories behind the Easter bunnies.



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