The corset is one of the oldest styles of lingerie and for many women one of the most sought after. There are a number of reasons why corsets are so popular. They offer an incredibly sexy look and feel despite the fact that they can appear so elegant and refined. Beyond this they also offer a slimming effect and a bust lift which leaves many women feeling great about the way they look when they are wearing them.

The trick to a corset is picking one that works well for you. The most obvious factor when picking a corset is the size. This can be difficult because corsets must fit a woman very well because they are very form fitting. If they are too small then they will feel uncomfortable and very constricting. If they are too large then they will appear cumbersome and they will lose their lifting and slimming effect. If you pick the right size for your body however there are few pieces of lingerie which can create the effect that corsets can.

Allure Lingerie for instance has exceptional designs like the Mandy corset, a corset which is designed for the comfort of the woman wearing it. It is made of high quality leather which is seductive without sacrificing comfort. Boning is used in such a way so as to provide a great slimming effect and an incredibly bust lift. The corset itself is black on large portions with pink sections around the corset.

The pink sections have beautifully embroidered pictures of flowers which add to the overall elegance of the Mandy Corset. This also adds a visual appeal that few corsets on the market are able to match or even offer.

Many corsets also come with a comfortable and sexy g-string. The g-string is designed using comfortable materials which allow your skin to breath and in such a way that it leaves little to the imagination. Despite the extremely small profile of the g-string it is extremely comfortable to wear.


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