No matter what size you wear, corset skirt ssets have established themselves as one of the most exciting and romantic pieces of lingerie a woman can have. Having one makes a woman feel sexy, sultry, alluring and bold. It also enhances your figure by giving you a more tapered silhouette and figure.

Today, the designs of corsets and plus size corsets have become bolder, more colorful and functional. Now you can wear it to enhance your curves under your shirt or jacket, wear it as a belt, or even use it to enhance your curves in the bedroom. There are different styles and shapes to choose from. But keep in mind that corsets are not the same as a bustier. Bustiers can be worn alone or as an undergarment and while a corset does not cover much like a bustier, most corsets start at the bottom of the bust line and end at the hips area, thus giving you a curvy figure. Some styles and designs cover up to your bust and end just above the navel, while other styles cover only half of your torso.

Here are some basic corset styles to choose from:

For hip support styles:

  • Mid Hip Style– this is ideal for everyday wear and support.
  • Short Hip– a design used for riding; this allows greater hip mobility and support.
  • Long Hip– a more restrictive design but great for those who need tummy and back support.
  • The Titanic Era Design– this will help an individual correct their posture problems, especially slouching. It is called the Titanic Era design because it resembles the era where corsets were very restrictive.
  • Corset Dress– it is full length and usually a favorite among couples who enjoy obedience training games and those who really have a passion for corsets. This style is also great for those who have problems with their spine because it restricts movement until you are well enough to move on your own. This is the same style that was used during the time of kings and queens.



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