One of my favorite combos of the fall and winter season is undoubtedly, as the title suggests, the one made up of a sweater and a skirt! Often, at times, we tend to always be looking for combinations that are always original, thinking about our looks in detail and trying to find inspiration by scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram, when in reality we do not realize that the solution to all this may be this combo, simple and that saves a lot of energy. The sweater, as we know, is one of those garments allied to cold temperatures, which keeps us warm and without which we absolutely could not do without in this period.

Used in situations where we want to be comfortable, whether it is for a day at the office, an aperitif with friends or a dinner out, combined with a skirt it can absolutely give life to a simple but chic outfit, sexy and timeless at the same time. There are so many ways to show off this particular style, and surely you have noticed it if you are a street style expert, and in this article I will tell you a few to let you try this unusual combination and transform your grandma’s sweater into a super glam garment as soon as you wear over a skirt!

Oversized sweater with long silk skirt

One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion and of creating new combinations is certainly playing with contrasts. The elegant and sporty contrast is absolutely one of those that allows us to experiment more with our style and amaze everyone we meet! To create these two textures, you just need to combine your favorite oversized sweater, which I’m sure you will all have in your closet, and a slip long skirt, for a truly beautiful effect to see. Choose whether to make this look one in one color, or wear a sweater in one color and a skirt in another. Fashion is creativity!

Cardigan with pleated midi skirt

It is totally amazing that the beauty of this combination is certainly the fact that you don’t have to think much about what type of shoes to match. Any type of shoe will be fine: you could opt for a pair of ankle boots with heels just like in the photo you have just seen, or you can choose to wear simple sneakers or ballet flats on your feet. The choice is yours! Then choose the shoes based on the mood of that day or the weather outside. As for the cardigan, choose a short or a long one that you can insert inside the skirt.

Oversized sweater with mini skirt

Okay, it’s autumn, but that doesn’t imply that we have to cover our beautiful legs! This is why I absolutely have to propose, as the last idea of style, our beloved and warm sweater to be married with the mini skirt, another inevitable garment in our wardrobe. The combination is really beautiful, and we can choose whether to curl our sweater inside the skirt, or to let it go down softly on the skirt, creating a bit of that effect that will make people ask “is she wearing a skirt under the sweater or not? “. Very sexy!


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