Plus size lingerie, what is it all about?! Well it is no different then smaller lingerie, just a few inches bigger right?

The world has finally caught up and as studies now show that women in the UK are an average size 16, more lingerie is becoming available to them. Plus size lingerie was not a widely talked about subject until recent years and unfortunately there is still far too much negative talk about it, but not in the way you think.

You see, ‘plus size’ in the lingerie world is considered to be between sizes 14-18, yet the average size of a UK woman is a size 16? Let me briefly explain. Years ago most women were on average a size 10, but as the world developed into fast food places and huge portions and money became more available, unfortunately waist bands grew and the average size of women in the UK grew too. But do you think that means the entire lingerie world should change their sizing because of this? It is a tough one, but in all reality, lingerie manufactures should not have to change sizing because of this. But I strongly believe that manufactures should have more plus size lingerie available and make bigger sizes to help accommodate curvier ladies.

Corsets have seen a big rise in recent years and plus size corsets seem to be readily available. Steel boned corsets are mostly available up to a natural waist of 45 inches, so why can’t they make chemises from a size 20 and upwards? There are very few and far between companies that offer these sizes which is a shame, as there truly is high demand for these sizes. Size is just a number, it does not mean that our curvy ladies don’t want look and feel sexy. But we can’t change the world, we can just keep searching for our ideal lingerie to fit curvy ladies. Plus size steel boned corsets sell incredibly well and I am grateful that there are so many gorgeous corsets available to larger women. There are also cheaper corsets available, but I shan’t delve into that as I don’t think curves and cheap corsets go well together at all. A corset should embrace your curves and enhance them, your curves shouldn’t buckle the cheap acrylic boned of these cheap corsets, it just isn’t a look I recommend or promote to ladies with curves.


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