Neutral colors are always popular when autumn arrives. Many people think that neutral colors are easy to combine with other colors. In addition, neutral is a versatile color that is suitable for any type of event, casual or formal. However, there are still some people who may think that these colors tend to be monotonous and boring. Well…

Neutral colors will be favored again after this summer is over. Soon you will find outfits in these colors with warm and earthy tones on shop corners. You definitely want to try it right away, don’t you? But wait, to avoid looking boring, here are 5 fashion tips to make you look stylish wearing neutral-colored outfits in autumn. Check out the full details below!

1. Wear Natural Colors That Are Trending

The last few seasons, neutral colors have been dominated by browns. Warm colors and earthy tones do make a strong impression this season, and one that is predicted to be popular in the fall is hazel. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, well, you’re already on the right track, then!

The great thing about hazel is that this color proves to be versatile. This means that you can easily pair it with almost any other color, or choose a monochromatic all-brown look with slightly different shades of brown. Try choosing a hazel mini skirt with a row of buttons on the front and pair it with a seaweed green knit sweater. How? You must be quite surprised when you realize how awesome this color is when applied to your outfit.

Besides hazel, you can also try terracotta which is no less popular. To look elegant and a little mysterious, wear a color combination of terracotta and black. For example, the combination of a terracotta dress with an additional black leather jacket as an outer. The combination of these two neutral colors produces a stylish warm tone and is suitable for evening events.

2. Give A Little Touch Of Red To Your Neutral Color Outfits

Red is the best color to go with neutrals because red is a classy color and works well when paired with neutrals. If you decide to wear a soft neutral color like light brown or beige, you can’t go wrong with giving your accessories, bag, or shoes a touch of fiery red. The addition of this red color will make your look more sophisticated in an instant. This is stylish!

3. Look Chic With A Combination Of Neutral And Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have always been quite popular in recent years. Pastel colors that look soft are one of the reasons why this color is often chosen as an inspiration for everyday outfits. Of course, combining neutral colors with pastel colors is also an interesting idea to look stylish in autumn. You can create a soft yet stunning outfit with white pants combined with a light blue vest and coat. Don’t forget flat shoes and a handbag to complete your style.

4. Play With Patterns

To make your neutral-colored outfit more stylish, you can also play with patterns. Stripes are one of the patterns that never go out of style, which can always be mixed and matched with various styles. Try presenting this pattern in your neutral color outfit. You can pick up a striped knit sweater and combine it with denim overalls. This cute and casual look can be your mainstay for comfortable everyday outfits.

If you want to look feminine, use a classic and timeless floral pattern. You can actually wear this pattern for all seasons, ladies. To create an autumn vibe, choose a brown bodycon dress with a small floral pattern. Wear turtle neck knitwear as a second layer to keep you warm.

5. Wear The Iconic Autumn Fashion Items

The last tip that will make you look stylish in the fall is to wear iconic fashion items. Well, it seems you must have imagined the autumn fashion icons. That’s right, boots, leather jackets, coats, and scarves. So, don’t hesitate to wear your slouchy boots because these items will make your neutral autumn outfit stand out even more!

Ladies, you are no longer confused about combining neutral color outfits to look stylish in autumn, right? Which style is your favorite?


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