Being a plus size girl actually doesn’t stop you from getting sexy clothing, but it’s important to choose the right type of garment.

A great option is a corset, here’s why:

A corset is often seen as an old-fashioned item of clothing, rather than something modern and sexy.

But to ignore them is to miss out on sexy clothes that should be in any plus size girl’s closet!

They actually have some practical uses that many bigger girls find really useful and great.

What corsets will do is actually accentuate your body’s shape while thinning it out, so if you have any curves or bumps that you’re not totally happy about they will be your ally.

They are built with boning, usually made with slivers of steel or aluminium, built inside which give them solid structure which helps to hold in your waist and give you a sexy bombshell hourglass figure.

Imagine how great it would be to have sexy clothing you can really rely on to boost your confidence and leave you looking great? The classic feminine look is a very defined waist, but if you are curvier you may not have this, so by pulling in your waist, yet pushing up and enhancing your bust you’ll really see that a corset instantly gives you this!

Generally a corset is best-known as being an item of sexy lingerie that only comes out in the bedroom, and can be found in many sensual materials such as lace, silk, satin and even PVC and leather in more extreme cases.

Those with a lace up back will be a delight for men, as they can really take their time unwrapping you and an added bonus is that a lace up back will fit many sizes so if you go up or drop down a dress size it will still fit.


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