A couple of hundred years ago it would take a woman literally hours to be dressed and would need the help, of a family member, servant, or maid to aid in the molding of their bodies with this type of under-clothing. Today the most popular item that seems to stay alive in the fashion industry is the black or red corset selections. They are advertised as lingerie instead, and typically used for romantic evenings when a spouse or girlfriend wants to entice her better half.

There are many variations to this foundation garment, and they are integrated into the clothing themselves. A very becoming formal gown are the red corset prom dresses, as they accentuate the young women’s physical features and paired with a full length gown, it makes for a very dramatic effect when slow dancing, and just walking around in royalty like style. This is a very popular dress for wedding gowns as well but in white, because red probably isn’t very proper in that setting.

Let us not forget the big beautiful women in our lives, and the clothing manufacturers have not either, as they offer plus size red corset models for sizes up to a ladies forty-four. They are still within realistic price ranges and will average about sixty to eighty dollars on average. These corsets are a little different in the fact they have panels that stretch and give in certain areas, but still offer that shapely effect that women try to get with this type of garment. There are also plus size novelty corsets available with Christmas and Saint Patrick’s day themes. They are also incorporated into costumes that make up a French maid’s uniform.

If you would still like the appearance of a smaller waistline, and a partial form-fitting shape, then adding a red corset belt over your chosen blouse or sweater as a fashion accent and support device will be a great choice. It is normally fashioned with wide and expansive elastic bands near the front or in the center of the back to allow for a perfect snug fit each time. These belts will usually hook with a large decorative metal clasp or have satin ties to close the belt securely.


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