Corset skirts sets come in many different styles and fashions. Some are woven into other clothing while most exist as separate entities. Some are suitable to be worn out with a nice pair of trousers or a dress, while others are strictly underwear. At the same time they also come in a variety of colours and materials that mean they can completely transform a woman’s look.

Essentially a corset is made up of a bra and a mid section in one suite. They then tend to zip or button up at the back, and are generally very form fitting and usually quite tight. For a woman’s physique this is the perfect combination as they not only lift the breasts and push them together – making them look perkier and increasing the appearance of the cleavage, but also hold the stomach in thereby creating a silhouette that Lara Croft would be proud of. At the same time corsets have slightly more subtle effects – improving posture and preventing the spine from curving the wrong way which will make your walk sexier and more confident (not to mention more healthy); and bringing your waist in to give you that ideal hip-to waist ratio. Worn under clothes then this can be a secret weapon and help you to fit into that dress that might otherwise have bunched in the wrong places. Worn with clothes meanwhile it is a highly sexy but not too revealing outfit that’s sure to grab attention.

Many corsets however are designed purely for bedroom use where they make use of their form fitting nature and bust-lifting tendencies. ‘Sexy’ corsets are made from a lace material. This allows them to show a bit of flesh while still being very form fitting and tight, and teases men who will be eager to go round and unzip them. They also tend to come in a range of sexy colours, such as black, reds, pinks, purples or whites.

Worn with stockings or tights, a slightly different hair do, prominent (but matching) makeup, high heels and a matching thong or pair of panties, this can be highly erotic look that will leave a man lusting, but at the same time make the woman feel good about herself and confident in the bedroom. And this confidence is what’s really important, as if a woman feels well covered and know s that her silhouette is being improved by her corset, she won’t feel too ‘naked’ or unattractive which can often put a dampener on an evening in.


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