Things seem to be really looking for women! The time is up, #metoo, I three, equal pay for equal work? not yet?

O.K. It’s okay. We are still making progress. But there is still a long way to go. Almost everything can prove this – especially the trend exhibited at the Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week last month. I don’t know if anyone would think that fashion is a key factor in the path to gender equality, but I will work hard for it – because I really don’t want to wear a bustier on my T-shirt even though it’s currently being designed for women. . I am a bit confused about how a corset skirts sets is considered to be a non-feminist under the clothes, but now it is exposed and it suddenly liberates.

Returning to Fashion Week, all men’s fashion trends have two things in common, both comfortable and warm, while Women’s Fashion Week is exactly the opposite. This pattern is evident throughout the entire time, especially on the red carpet. Women wear a layer of clothing that is thin, almost transparent or transparent, while male fashion is eight layers. Yes, there may only be two shirts and suit jackets. But the thickness of a men’s shirt is equal to three red carpet dresses, and the jacket is equal to five. For me, this is a lot, but the sum is: We are cold.

The best example of the theory of support from Fashion Week is the new trend of men’s fleece, juxtaposed with this sexy veil trend displayed by Women Fashion Week. This look can be considered stylish, but it can’t be considered clothing. There must be an idea to analyze why women’s fashion always freezes you. It’s okay, absolutely not, because I realized this piece would only be one sentence: the less clothes you wear, the more boddayyy you see. At the very least, maybe we can increase the average temperature in the office, because keeping it at a low temperature of 65 degrees begins to feel the inherent sexism.

Another new, comfortable trend on the men’s track is the padded jacket. The padded jacket is actually the jacket of the jacket. “Filling” is a word that I can only dream of related to women’s fashion. One of our most recent events is the mat stuffed in our underwear. Speaking of underwear. . . In fact, I will not even begin to discuss the difference between men’s and women’s underwear. We just say we are stuck on the red carpet of corset skirts sets.

Although fashion-forward men wear fleece and coats in the spring, ladies will also become one of the exciting moments in the fashion industry. Plastics are all the rage now. I can only think of a material that is more uncomfortable than plastic. This is sequins, which of course is one of the biggest trends in 2018. Does the man know how sequins feel about naked body? No, they do not. Most men don’t wear sequins because, for me, he looks stupid. So why not make sequins stupid in women? Only when sequins look stupid in a man and a woman can we begin to break these walls.

corset skirts sets

You know when you lie on the pillow, you think of yourself, “Hey, why are you itchy?” or “Why do I sneeze?” And then you realize that it’s because the pillows are full of feathers? You can always have this feeling because feathers are! From feathers to body decorations are made of feathers. So take a Claritin and hit the town!

The trend of shoes is not important for men – they will become a comfortable tablet. Fortunately, for women, we are a short distance from the apartment; the kitten heel style reappears. The heel of the kitten is the perfect metaphor for the current state of gender equality. In this metaphor, it is not a complete heel, it represents complete inequality, but it is not a complete plane. This is almost a unit. Because we are almost equal, but not yet.

Strappy shoes are also suitable for women. Strappy shoes are not a complete pair of shoes because they are hung on the feet with a strap. The strappy shoes are locked to life. A shoe has a job: stay on the feet. Do you require too much effective shoes?

After reading this article, your response may be similar to this: “So, don’t succumb to fashion trends….” I know I don’t have to wear these things, but I also want to look cool and stylish! Unfortunately, for women, it looks fashionable without feeling uncomfortable or cold, but for women it is still impractical – impossible – for men, it is easy to wear An old-fashioned North Face jacket with a matching sports suit worn by college students is as easy to look stylish. For women who are pursuing fashion and modern style, the stress is much greater than that of men. Therefore, many of us like the absurd behavior sent to us by the runway. As we continue to dismantle the patriarchs, this may be something we want to consider.


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