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Skirts below the knee, also known as midi corset skirts sets, are particularly popular this spring. Many are light, elegant, and with beautiful colors and patterns.

“Long skirts are great for trying on. I believe people will feel elegant,” said fashion coordinator Akiko Yamamoto. She added that people who worry about their age on the knee can wear their knees without worry.

Bright colors, floral patterns and plaid Midi skirts can be seen everywhere this spring. “I suggest that the skirts use white as the base color to create a new look. Beautiful, pastel colored skirts are another good choice,” she said.

Here, Yamamoto shares some of her draft picks.

The first feature is purple and yellow plant motifs, flowers and fresh green leaves. But the printed matter does not look bright, because it is dominated by white.

This skirt is characterized by its shape, with the front slightly shorter than the back.

With an exquisite lavender sweater and a light brown water pump, it creates an overall gentle impression.

Yamamoto also recommends a pale green pleat, the wider the skirt.

This skirt with a white shirt and a long spring coat creates a fresh look. Glossy satin fabrics are elegant, and the spring breeze blows in fashion folds.

This year, black and white checked skirts are also very popular. They are easy to coordinate: For a casual look, wear white trainers, T-shirts and a denim jacket.

People tend to choose black, gray or dark blue clothes to match such corset skirts sets. But given that it is spring, Yamamoto suggests using live colors and patterns similar to skirts.

According to Yamamoto, when selecting materials that are different from skirts, they should be coordinated with similarly colored items. She said it will add a variety of textures to your clothes.

A wide skirt at the hem can leave a good impression, but usually the person wearing pants may be a bit hesitant. With this in mind, Yamamoto also recommends tight skirts.

She recommends a white dress with floral lace and a beige or yellow woven fabric, as well as a wraparound wrap-around Paisley skirt. Like the latter dress, you can wear different dresses every day according to your own mood. If they are paired with a jacket, they are also suitable for work.

“Wearing a simple blouse can make your waist look slimmer. Enjoy light clothing in spring,” said Yamamoto.


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