Everything is going to be great with Marie Agnes Gillot becoming a ballet dancer.

She is too tall and shoulders wide, and most importantly, she has dual scoliosis, sometimes with hunchback when her back is swollen.

However, when the hump disappeared, it seemed that Gilo was on the stage when he was enchanted.

“I have a limited time to stand and lean on my muscles and myself,” said the star. She accepted, “as time goes by, I will go back to my corset skirts sets, unless I accept surgery, my back metal bar”.

Last Saturday night, an unusual chapter was closed in modern French ballet, and she finally bowed to the The Paris Opera House ballet in Orpheus and Europe.

The last great French ballet dancer of her generation went to the elite school of the ballet of the French capital when she was nine years old.

“When I arrived, I thought,” who are these dirty thin women? “She remembers.

She doesn’t want to be considered disabled. Only her roommate knows her secret.

“No one gave me a free pass,” the dancer said she reached the highest point. In fact, the situation is the opposite.

She didn’t let the main actors get late – she was 28 – then even the great choreographer Maurice Bejart became angry, claiming, “she was their best, and finally they decided.”

Unlike her predecessor, the legendary Sylvie Guillem, who passed Reilly Jef by her, did not have such a strong mentor.

When Gilo was finally named as a ballet dancer, she created history to promote Paris modern film.

“I think it’s hard for us to manage people who have extraordinary energy in France. They have strong minds and exceptional abilities. “Not just in ballet,” she talked about her struggles.

Gilo is without doubt. Because she is too talented, they will not accept any mistakes. They were too tough on me, but for those middle sized people, they said, “don’t worry, we will let you through.”

“My former people fell down in their last test. After that, people continued to make the main dancers, but I couldn’t make the smallest mistake.”

Only when she ran away from New York at the age of 18 did she get rid of the shackles of sweeping the floor and got the role she thought she should get.

I have been described as sports, tall, atypical, rebellious and punk. “But I didn’t see it,” she said with a smile.

“I think of myself as a highly trained excellent soldier who has accepted all types of dance and never considered classical or contemporary priorities.”

Gilo, 42, has been involved in movies, fashion – with Chanel, and Hermes in recent years with reperto – art, even to save her sweat in a small jar project. She has a lot of poems in the water.

But as the only French dancer who performs in The Paris Opera House, the dance is still burning. She is keen to correct mistakes in dance education. She says some elite schools have killed the creativity of young dancers.

I will bring their children’s curiosity into play by taking them to the theater to see great actors. Even in fashion shows, they use trash bags to make corset skirts sets, so that they have creativity, not just orders and orders, “she said.

“We can’t break 10000 children for a little child prodigy.” “We must cherish their imagination instead of controlling their imagination,” she said. She told the Paris ballet magazine.

Critics complain that the lack of attractive dancers is probably due to the way the dancers drill. “You can become a great dancer, but you have no personality,” she said. Her warm, raucous laughter is Gilo’s lack of personality.

She has been mourning her withdrawal system for the past three months. She spent most of her life. “Now I want to get it”, she smiled.

Nevertheless, there are still some memories that will always be there for her. The greatest is “dancing with my son in my stomach in seven months”. I’ll lift my leg, and he’ll be in the way.

But what the body can do is amazing.


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