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Hong Kong • Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways will terminate the dress code for its 70-year-old female uniform staff after the female crew member’s right to wear pants.

“We welcome and appreciate the company’s decision to let us choose a uniform,” said Ms. Pauline, vice chairman of the Dragon Airline Flight Attendant Association in Hong Kong.

She said that many female colleagues expressed concern about wearing short corset skirts  when working, especially when the passenger’s luggage is placed in the overhead compartment and when taking public transportation.

She added: “This not only provides us with more choices but also provides us with protection.”

The Metoo campaign on social media has enabled women to stand up to sexual harassment and encourage them to seek appropriate protection at the workplace and in daily life.

Ms. Mai said that this change will be carried out during the next unified update and is expected to be completed within three years at the earliest. The airline said it will reassess the uniforms of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific.

“As we recognize that it is very important to provide our customers with more choices, so is our colleague,” the airline added. In 2014, Cathay Pacific flight attendants requested that their uniforms be redesigned because they stated that they were too exposed and could cause sexual harassment.


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