Styling in winters can be pretty hard and all girls struggle in clothing. You should pick up the dresses which make you comfortable and which can keep you cozy in those winter days. You can never go wrong with the cute sweater dresses and tops. They come in various designs and you can choose them according to your body type and comfort level. Knitted sweaters are also very much in trend and you can go with different patterns. You can go for the wholesale sweater for women on various online sites to get them at the affordable prices.

 Some of the trending sweaters that you can go for:

Pullover sweaters – these sweaters can be pulled up by the string provided at the front and can be converted into a crop top. These sweaters are paired up with the jackets and they are perfect for the winter wear. These types of sweaters can make you look stylish even in the winters and they are perfect casual wear. From online wholesale offers you can get many cheap sweaters for your wardrobe.

One shoulder sweater – one shoulder sweaters can give you a sexy look with minimalist things. You can pair these sweaters with a pair of denim jeans. These sweaters come in loose fitting and are extremely cozy. You can go with the darker colors in theses sweaters to enhance your complexion and overall look.

Ruffle sweater – ruffles always make you look more feminine and stylish. You can go with the ruffle sweaters and pair up with the high waist trousers. These ruffles can be on the sleeves or they can be on the neck area. The ruffle design balances out the whole look and provides extra volume to your top.

Embroidery knitted – embroidery is always eye pleasing to watch. If you want something for the party wear, you can go with the embroidery knitted sweaters. Choose small patches of embroidery done on the sleeves. Go with the lighter color sweater and darker shade of embroidery done on it. These sweaters come in body hugging material thus giving you the perfect fit.



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