Lingerie costumes are not just for special occasions or for sleepwear any more. Lingerie costumes have been and remain popular for many reasons. It brings a sense of play to our lives whether to be seen at a Halloween or costume party or to be viewed privately.

Costume Party

Everyday can become so routine and so mundane. Mix things up with Lingerie Costumes. There are so many themes from which to choose: devil, angel, Hollywood Bunny, cop, French maid and sexy nurse.

Lingerie on Discount offers many costumes. A very popular theme is the schoolgirl theme. The style features a skirting with attached garters. Within the schoolgirl them, there are further options: prep school girl, reform school girl, drop out or punk school girl. The patterns of the plaid skirt include pink plaid, green plaid, blue plaid and black/white. The mini plaid skirt can also be worn without the costume as part of your daily wear.

Quality at Discounted Prices

We all love bargains. Discount Lingerie Stores are a way to save money while still wearing Lingerie Costumes that are sexy. The lingerie is reduced by 30% to 40% because they are close out lingerie. However, the quality and selection is still outstanding. Choose from corsets, teddies, bras, robes, long gowns, garter belts, lace up garter skirtini set, and much more. Be creative with the lingerie to create your own costume!


Online Lingerie Shopping offers convenience and privacy. For many women, it is embarrassing to go into a lingerie shop and select a lingerie costume. We worry about what the salesclerk will think or wonder if our next-door neighbor will see our car in the store’s parking lot! We all value our privacy and purchasing Lingerie Costumes can be done discreetly. It is important to know your size so that the lingerie will fit properly. The uploaded pictures and complete product details helps a woman chooses which lingerie is best for her body type and shape. A woman can assess which costume will accent the parts of the body she wants to. It also allows her to conceal the parts of the body that she wants to.



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