When you are in search of shapewear, you are often scared about buying those that have compromised quality. Rolling down and quick deformations are quite common when you go for the wrong ones. But that’s not the case with Wholesale shapewear at Feelingirldress. They have been in the business for a while and step into the buyers’ shoes while designing the bodysuits. Proper care and attention is given to durability, performance and style of the fabric. Here are a few miraculous creations by the brand that promote good health while being skin-friendly.

best body shaper

Ultra Black Hemline Hook Bodysuit

This is the best shapewear bodysuit for ladies who don’t want to get tangled in the hassle of straps. There is no fear of rolling down because of the thick fabric and even the lace stays in place without slide edges.

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Black Sheer Mesh Bodysuit

This one is a relief for those who are scared of ‘shapewear suffocation’. If you choose the right size, then you don’t have to feel suffocated or bound at all. This sheer mesh design is having good breathability, detachable straps and a strong design that clings to your body in all the right places. It doesn’t develop wrinkles or roll down on extended usage.

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Rose Pink Double Strap Waist trainer

Unlike bodysuits, waist and thigh trainer have thick neoprene or latex fabric. This is to ensure optimum compression for efficient weight loss. This waist trainer comes with velcro straps for securing it properly around the stomach and also a zipper for double benefits. The firm latex design is not prone to deformation even after extensive exercise.

sweat waist trainer

White 9 Steel boned Corset Waist Cincher

Corsets are breath-takingly beautiful and take us back to the Princess Era. Also, they are great for shaping your waist and providing support to your back. This white beauty comes with 9 steel bone support to prevent deformation or rolling down. The fabric hugs the body and doesn’t irritate the skin. It is smooth and suitable for long hour usage.

cheap waist trainer

Neoprene Waist and Thigh trimmer

This will present you the best of both worlds by reducing flab around the waist line and also jiggling thighs. Neoprene is a soft material with smooth touch but effective firmness. WIth the velcro straps you can determine the tightness and feel the compression while working out. It feels like a sponge against your skin and discomfort will be long forgotten.


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