Are you bored with your curly hair and would like to give your hairdo a refresh? One of the best ways to revamp your look is to change your hair color. It is the fastest way to add more texture and dimension to this hair type. There are many different hues to choose from such as red, ombre, blonde and more. Not all hair colors are created equal and there are some that compliments the skin color while some may make the curls more defined.

Now, just how would you know which hair color suits you the best? And what color you should get for your curly hair? Which one complements your skin tone?  Brunette and brown complement fair skin while colors such as chestnut and ash will work best on darker skin. Having curls and color both make hair more interesting. They can spice up your look and create a gorgeous hairstyle. When choosing a hair color for curly hair, pick a hue that makes your curls pop out. This way you can draw more attention to your curls and waves and your new hair color complements them.

Are you ready for your new curly hair color? Check out these hair colors to make them shine.


Balayage is a type of hair coloring technique that can create a graduated hair tone. Giving the hair a graduated color, it gives the curly hair a natural-looking highlight. This can also create interesting layers to the hair. No matter what your skin tone is, you can do a balayage. All you have to do is just to pick a tone that will compliment your skin color and your natural hair color.

Ash Hair Color

One of the more popular hair colors for Asians especially, ash features a hint of grey and it is best for the warm color of Asian skin. This hair color can be a highlight to add layers to the curls or you can choose to go full-on hair color to compliment your warm skin tone. If you prefer a light color hair, go ash blonde. This shade is not just for fair-skinned women because there are a variety of blonde shades available that can suit different complexions. Honey blonde and bronde hair colors come under the blonde shade category. Ash blonde is also flattering on any skin tone so you may want to try it.

Bronde Lob with Ash Highlights

Chocolate Hair Color

If you are not interested in changing your look drastically, chocolate brown shades that can be refreshing. It gives warmth to fair skin tones while helping define your curls at the same time. Deep chocolate is another dark brown shade that you can try. Espresso hair color shines the most when light hits the hair. So whenever you are taking a selfie, don’t forget to take advantage of the natural light for that perfect shot. Light brown is another hair color that suits all ages and all skin tones. If you are new to the hair color world or want a subtle transformation, try light brown color. This shade will give your curls a pop of color in a subtle way.

Épinglé sur Style


Ombre is a fun two-toned hair color effect that makes the hair look dramatic. Normally, this hair color is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom to create a shadow effect. This hair color effect makes for a fun and cool hairstyle. You can opt for the usual brown tone or you can also go all out with colors like pink and purple like a rainbow.


One of the more difficult hair colors to achieve is silver but once done correctly, it is a cool color. Once you get that perfect silver hair color, do make sure to let it last longer by not washing it too often as you do not want the color to run off faster. 


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