There is nothing better than having a radiant and healthy skin at any time of the year, so yes, even and especially in autumn, when our skin begins to dry out with the advent of the first cold. In our daily skincare, patch masks should not be missing for any reason. What are they? Patch masks are an invention from South Korea, a country that really knows a lot about the beauty world. Korean skincare is famous all over the world: Korean women, in fact, have shiny, clear, compact skin and look very youthful, free of imperfections, with a shiny, luminous and hydrated face. To achieve this goal, therefore to prevent stress, smog and the first signs of aging from making the skin of our face dry and tight, it is essential to apply a patch mask, which is so called because it adheres perfectly to the face, allowing ideal absorption of cosmetic active ingredients, to achieve radiant and super hydrated skin. Patch masks are nothing more than patches that are easily applied to different parts of the face and whose purpose is to regenerate the skin giving it shine, hydration and a better appearance.

So let’s go take a look at the best patch masks to try!

Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask Firm Lover

it is definitely a rather expensive mask, despite being disposable. But, among Dr. Jart+’s masks, it gives an immediate visible result: extremely moisturizing, it greatly relaxes expression lines. I usually use it before an event or before leaving, before those occasions when I want to look as fresh as possible. It should be kept on the face for 30-40 minutes, but my advice is always to keep the tissue masks on the face as long as possible, so make it your moment of relaxation!

Mustus masks

Mustus doesn’t seem to be a particularly well-known brand, but this Asian company produces patch masks that are really great. They are extremely soaked and the ingredients inside are fresh, such as orange, and have a very high moisturizing power.

Garnier Skinactive Hyaluron Shot

This mask is divided into two parts. It will be up to you to hydrate the mask at the moment, then apply it on the face. For being a very widely distributed mask, it is currently among the best.

Tony Moly Avocado Mask

A super moisturizing mask, it works perfectly and gives a great look to the skin. Tony Moly also often sells mask sets, on which you can definitely save money compared to buying them in bulk.

Foreo Manuka Honey Mask

It’s a black mask, so the fabric is completely black, and it’s moisturizing. Manuka honey is very valuable and widely used in cosmetics. This is probably the mask that literally saves the face from the bitter cold.

Filorga Hydra Filler Mask

This mask contains hyaluronic acid. When a mask of this kind costs more, it can be said that it has an immediate effect that is really visible compared to other cheaper ones.

The Ozoo Hydro Lift

This is an intensive moisturizing treatment, to be done when you have a clear need for hydration.


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