Hello loves !!! All right? With the arrival of autumn/winter, boots above the knee gain space on the streets, as it is a fashion trend. If you want to be stylish this winter you can invest in a boot above the knee.

Boot over is a symbol of sensuality, boots above the knee can actually compose well-behaved and democratic looks, see how to use them. In fact, they are timeless, they never go out of style. And if you had any doubts you can invest, you can buy it because it is a fashion classic.

If you don’t know how to compose looks with this boot I’ll give you some look suggestions !!!

Over the knee boot + short skirt

You don’t have to be a top model or a celebrity to bet on a more daring fashion like the over the knee boot. The important thing is that you feel good in style. To start, it is worth betting on the ‘classic’ combination of shoes with the short skirt, be it a dress or a miniskirt.

boot over the knee with pants

Finally, it is also worth making more traditional combinations with the pants. They can have different types of fabric. In the case of jeans, always choose skinny and slim models. But if you like elastic fabrics more, prefer leggings, which look great with the over the knee boot.

Remember that if you choose pants with the same color as the boot, the tendency is for the silhouette to be more elongated. And while there are several color options, neutrals look better.

Short with over the knee

 It is a classic and has been used more and more for those who want a different look to go out to parties, shows and ballads. The most used models are black, brown, caramel, nude, which can be used with various styles of shorts.

For a more formal look wear the over the knee boot with a short social.

Now if you want a more stripped look wear the over the knee boot with a short jeans destroyer, that your look will be very stylish.

Over the knee boot + Dress

The winter dress is one of the most perfect combinations to bet with the over boot. The over the knee shoes combined with the short length of the dress values ​​the body. helps short women on duty and even makes the whole look more powerful.

For the day, choose a short denim dress that brings a casual mood, and match it with a leather over boot, in neutral tones like brown or black. Finish off the dress – which can be an envelope, with a long sleeve, with front buttoning – with a powerful belt. You can opt for a thick, printed belt if you are tall. If you are short, prefer the thin ones and in a color close to the dress.

Over the knee boot + Overcoat

This is the most perfect and stylish combination.

The overcoat is an indispensable piece for the winter, as it guarantees a warm and very charming look. This piece is very democratic and easy to combine, that’s why it is an item so adored by all of us. And wearing this piece with the over the knee boot that is also a winter hit is the perfect combination to hit a wonderful and stylish look.


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