Spring and summertime are usually the fashion seasons. They allow you to put on virtually anything and walk out of the door with no worries whatsoever. The freedom that summer and spring allows us to be sexy without thinking much of it is unparalleled.

But then, that doesn’t mean you still can’t look great in winter and fall without freezing! If you live in a place with four seasons, you have nothing to worry about. Your dresses can be worn all through the four seasons if you know how to go about it and that’s what we want to show you here.

Winter Styles

Sweaters can come in handy in a season like this if you want to look gorgeous without freezing. This is a universal truth. But the problem always comes with what to wear under these sweaters. There are cheap sweater dresses that are made for this kind of time. You can also wear a patterned shirt beneath your sweater. Below are some tips on how to mix your dresses and shirts with your sweater while maintaining your awesomeness.

  • Make sure the collar of your shirt can be seen, make sure it sticks out of your sweater by the neck.
  • Getting a shirt and putting it on before the sweater is not enough. You need to combine the shirt with the appropriate sweater so there won’t be buttons sticking out from the sweater or making your chest and belly all bumpy. A tight or clingy shirt will do the trick. Avoid huge buttons.  Unless you are wearing a thigh and waist trainer that already flattens everything out.

Sweater dresses are not all the same. There are different types of them and here are a few you can try out next time you hit the store.

Sweater Dress

Ranging from the curve-hugging bodycon dresses to the sleeky and streamlined sheaths, there are sweater dresses or every taste and shape. You can also use wholesale bodysuit, bold mini dresses, and smart jumpsuits to elevate your look as you don a sweater to cover it all. Your shape is not an obstacle here as there are sweater dresses to flatter every figure. Different styles include:

– Sheath Sweater Dresses. This style made to hug your body and bring out your figure-eight shape. These dresses are mostly cut just above or below the knee, depending on your preference. You can wear them with many options such as heels, classic flats. You can even go with casual sneakers.

– Midi Sweater Dresses: this transition dresses made to take you from a busy day to a party night without stress. With your heels or flats, you achieve the office look. And with your boots, the night time is here!

Sweaters are not meant to be boring. And winter should never spell an end to looking good. You can change that narrative by looking as gorgeous as ever once the snow begins to fall.


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