A new fashion of metallic ornaments is trending nowadays. Metallic jewelry is becoming the favorite choice of today’s youth. Girls prefer metallic earrings more than other earrings. It gives an elegant and classy look. You can wear it on any outfit and any occasion. There are now many latest designs in the metallic which will give you the royal look. They are also comfortable in wearing and give no irritation problems. Here are some cute and trending metallic jewelry which will be perfect for any occasion and you must have in your jewelry collection.

Tuareg metallic earring

This is a beautiful pair of metallic earring which will look perfect on any occasion. It is a boho and hippie style metallic earring. This earring is designed in agric with tuareg silver. It is a handmade earring of approx 2cm length. It will look good on any type of outfit. After wearing it you don’t need to wear any other heavy jewelry piece. This earring is featured with green stone and metallic crown like structure on it. It gives full ancient look.

Wave drop earring

If you are looking for a cute pair of earring, this is the best earring to wear every day. You can wear it with your daily casual outfits and small day out. This earring will not hurt your ear and give you a modern and subtle look. This fish hook earring comes with hoop in silver tone metal with hammered finish for artisanal look. It is made with zinc, steel and acrylic.

Tassel boho dangle earring

This beautiful jhumka is made with alloy metal. The look of the earring will attract you in its first look. This beautiful earring will look perfect on any traditional outfit. You do not need to wear any other jewelry after wearing this earring. Its metal finishing, carving and look is just wow. You will look gorgeous after wearing this earring and your outfit will also look more appealing.

Bead chandler earring

This is a vintage style earring with metal finish of gold. You can wear it on casual outfit, cocktail party or for the movie. This will give you vintage look and will be perfect for a casual evening. This earring should be there in your wardrobe.

Coin detail earring

It is a beautiful hoop earring with cute coin shape metal hanging below the hoop. You can wear it with denim dresses and heels and is perfect for the night out with friends. It looks attractive on women with any skin tone. What are you waiting for, just add this beautiful earring in your jewelry collection.


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