This year, winter fashion is clear: coats are super bulky, heavy, large and voluminous. The dimensions are really exaggerated, and whether these coats are in wool, in faux fur or down jackets, the thing that matters is that they are super thick, as the title suggests. These wide outerwear enhance the feminine silhouette, making it bold and chic. Not to mention the fact that these garments are perhaps the greatest ally of winter, as they keep us warm even when it snows.

One of the biggest trends from which we can take inspiration for this long winter, and which we will most likely see anyway, is that look formed by a thick coat and a top with a small high collar. What is the latter? It is a top (no matter whether it is a shirt, t-shirt, bodysuit and so on), with a collar high enough to cover the neck, but not enough to replace a scarf. In short, it is an extremely fashionable garment, which is perfect under a thick collar to compensate for the too bulky effect of the coat. So let’s go see these two items in detail.

Faux fur thick coat

It’s not winter if we don’t go out wearing a fur coat at least once. I am a super fan of ecological fur, as it not only respects the safeguarding and protection of animals, but the quality of faux fur fabrics has improved a lot in recent years, so much so that it now surpasses any other item of clothing of the past in softness. The trendy thick eco fur coats are therefore cult pieces this winter, in neutral colors like the one in the photo but also very colorful, to show off, of course, together with a small high collar.

Lantern sleeve top

This blouse-style top is really adorable, and its small high collar makes it perfect under a thick coat, to be combined with a pair of trousers (you choose whether in denim or not) and the inevitable ankle boots. The top is see-through, so rather light, but don’t worry, the thick coat will protect you from the cold!

Puffer thick jacket

And speaking of volume, this year the very puffy models are not only about dresses and tops, but also coats of course. I find this coat in the photo very rock, and it reminds me of a woman’s style that goes on a motorcycle and ready to conquer the world! Don’t miss it!

Cropped sweater

In this article I want to include all women, even those with a more casual and sporty soul. So here is a cropped sweater for you, always with a collar, made to measure for you who do not want to give up being chic for any reason in the world.

Hooded puffer coat

A longer model is what you need if you are a girl who suffers a lot from the cold. The hood can also come in handy! So don’t miss this super puffy coat, in blue color, a very trendy color at the moment.


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