Real beauty comes in different forms and colours. It doesn’t matter if you are super slim or a curvy girl, because you are beautiful just the way you are. And you can wear whatever your heart desires, not what other people tell you should.

If you are a plus size girl you shouldn’t be afraid of using shapewear to look even better and to enhance your natural curve lines. It is not shameful to wear body shapers under your clothes and it doesn’t mean you don’t love your body. You just want to make your curves more appealing!

Also, if you chose correctly your plus size shapewear so that it will fit you perfectly, you will feel super comfortable all day long, because modern shapewear items are highly qualitative!

What types of plus size shapewear are trendy

There are so many different types of shapewear out there that it might get you confused on what you should buy. For this to not happen you should know what are the trendiest shapewear items on the market and what do they do!

1. The full bodysuit

Probably the most popular plus size shapewear item is the full body suit. This bodysuit covers all your body transforming it entirely, because it will smooth out your silhouette and make your waist line look smaller, will flatten your abdomen, lift your butt and even make your thighs look slimmer. It is made out of 3 layers of fabric which will keep everything in place without rolling up.

It has adjustable straps for maximum support and an open crotch design for easy bathroom access. It also has a super elastic breast part, so you won’t have to worry if you have a large bust as a plus size woman.

This full bodysuit from FeelinGirl is also a seamless shapewear item that can’t be noticed not even under the tightest clothes! And it comes in two colors, nude and black so that you can be able to wear it with any type of garment, even with sheer ones.  

Your plus size curves will look absolutely amazing and you will have that hourglass silhouette that you so much desired!

2. The high waist shaper shorts

These shapewear shorts have a high waist that comes up just right under the bust. Their role is to smooth your waist line, flatten the tummy, lift your booty and also make the thighs slimmer.

The high waist shaper shorts are made out of highly elastic fabric that doesn’t roll up and also have adjustable and detachable straps. They will add just the right amount of compression without being too tight and will smooth out all the fat, contouring your body into a perfect shape.

These waist trainer shorts are a great choice if you are a plus size girl that wants to have a beautiful hourglass figure and if you don’t need extra support for your breasts.  

3. The high waist briefs

Another popular shapewear item that all plus size women adore is the briefs with high waist. They are preferred by women all over, because are super easy to dress up and highly comfortable due to the nylon and spandex fabric mix. They are a perfect choice if you don’t need breast support or slimmer thighs.

Their main role is to slim your waist and add extra support to your butt. The FeelinGirl waist trainer panties will be your go to shapewear item on a daily basis, because you will feel amazing while wearing them and will also be more confident.  

How to choose your plus size shapewear correctly

Even though you have to look out for what are the fashion trends when it comes to plus size shapewear, you also have to understand your body and to choose something that will be appropriate for it.

Know your body type

You have to know your body type as a plus size woman, if you have a pear, apple or a triangle silhouette, so that you buy body shapers that will transform it into an hourglass silhouette. For example, if your body has larger hips and small shoulders, you have a pear silhouette and you should chose a pair of high waisted shaper shorts. On the other hand, if you do not have a waist line defined and you look rounder, you have an apple silhouette and the full bodysuit is the perfect choice for you.

Know your size

Another important aspect, probably the most important, is to know your size. You need to know your measurements when buying shapewear item so that you won’t pick the wrong size. As a plus size girl is important not to wear shapewear that is too tight, because it will make your fat show up even more. Also lose shapewear won’t contour your silhouette at all.

So, take a measuring tape, find out what size your waistline has and check out the size chart from FeelinGirl to see what size you should buy for your bodysuit. And don’t worry you will find your perfect fit because they have a wide range of plus sizes, all the way up to 6XL.

Wearing shapewear from FeelinGirl will have a positive input not only on how your body would look, but also on how you will feel. You will become a confident plus size woman that you will be able to conquer the world!


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