Keeping your body in shape all the time is a tough task, but has been made easier with the amazing and most effective shapewear for plus size women.

These shapewear pieces ensure to keep you in shape and comfortable too throughout the day, no matter what activities you perform.

  1. NeoSweat Exclusive 3 in 1 waist & Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter
plus size waist trainer
NeoSweat™ 3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

This shapellx shapewear by NeoSweat is the perfect shapewear for plus size women and it aims to provide 3 in 1 body shaping effect to keep your body in shape. The 3mainn functions of this shapewear are flattening the waist, trimming the thighs, and lifting the butts, thus giving the perfect hourglass figure. This shapewear gives high thigh and butt training and reduces the appearance of cellulite on your body. There are 3 Velcro straps on the torso area with 2 belts for trimming the thighs and waist respectively.

  • AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper
best shapewear for women
AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper

This shapellx shapewear provides compression to your body, hiding those extra pounds in no time. The under bra design makes it comfortable to wear and can be paired with your bra. Moreover, the straps are adjustable and removable. This shapewear also gives a butt lifting effect and a better posture. The zipper style is comfortable for long use.

  • AirSlim Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper

this AirSlim Tummy Slimmer and Body Shaper for women gives compression to your entire body and shapes you up very easily & lifts your booty too. This shapewear is a high-waisted one that has an underbust design with a zippered crotch making it easy to wear and suitable for frequent washroom visits. Moreover, the fabric is light-weighted and internal hooks make it easy to fit. The straps are adjustable and removable too.

  • NeoSweat Ultra Sweat Fitness Belt
double belts waist trainer
NeoSweat™ Ultra Sweat Fitness Belt

This NeoSweat Ultra Sweat Fitness Belt is designed for an easy workout session. This fitness belt is suitable for wearing all day long with ease. The clasp design prevents the zipper from sliding down and opening. The embossed design of this shaper fits your skin and hides all those cellulite. The belt can be adjusted very easily with the Velcro design. Moreover, this shaper also has 10 steel bones that shape the waist and gives you the right posture.

  • AirSlim Seamless Butt Lifter Bodysuit
plus size shapewear bodysuits for weight loss
AirSlim™ Open Bust Control Body Shaper

This Shapellx bodysuit shapes your entire body and gives a smooth appearance to your body. The overlapping gusset design works wonders in wearing and putting it off very easily. The underbust design and wide shoulder straps make it very comfortable too.


There are wide varieties of shapewear available for plus size women which not only help you get into shape but also are very comfortable to wear. The plus-size shapewear pieces listed in this article are some of the best functioning shapewear which helps you get the perfect feminine figure conveniently and in no time.


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