When we think about the fall season, we could think about the bright colors of the leaves falling from the trees. We could imagine the biting cold mornings that magnets us to our bed. We could remember all the nights of happy slumber. And since fall is about the weather, we could imagine people dressed in their sweatshirts or coats, and boots. You might wonder, will there be room for accessories when your body is already mostly covered? The answer is yes.

Layered necklace 

Fashionable necklaces would be of great use in your fashion this fall especially when you don’t feel like using a scarf. You can use various kinds of necklaces with different kinds of pendants. They could be a pendant leaf which is usually symbolical to the fall season. You can also layer different bright colors to still appear warm despite the cold weather. 

A Choker 

You can also add a choker to your layered necklaces if you want a loud and stylistic aura. Mostly, people use accessories to express their feelings or to symbolize their personality. A choker has the origin of slavery but in this modern time, it can be worn freely depending on your preference, something that is not entitled to a slave.

A layered bracelet

Even though our arms are mostly covered during this fall season, we can still accessorize our arms and hands by putting layers of golden bracelets on them. Some people wear it above their long sleeves to add fashion and some pull up their sleeves and wear these bracelets on their bare skin. Whichever you prefer to wear it would still be as fashionable as you desire to be. 

A wristwatch

Time, like the weather, changes. The difference, however, is that time is constantly changing swiftly. A wristwatch would not hurt a fashion statement as long as it is also fashionable in appearance. Since this season is biting cold, you could wear a wristwatch that is made of animal skin and not of metal.


Most of the fashion wear in the fall season comes in lengthy. Therefore, long drop earrings would also be suitable for this kind of style especially when you wear long sleeve dress and boots. You can boost the chic version of yourself by wearing these long earrings which have various designs and shapes.

Although you may appear simple in your wardrobe this fall; these earrings can turn you into a stylistic gal you are in Summer.

So pick up your best coats, choose your brightest sweatshirts, wear your favorite boots. Although you may appear simple in your wardrobe this fall, you can still turn yourself into a stylistic gal you are in Summer by wearing these fashionable accessories.


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