There are no limits or boundaries when expressing yourself through fashion. It means that even in the most intense weather, you can still show your personality using your winter wear.

One of the most effective winter wardrobes is the down coat, as it serves as a good heat insulator to give you the warmth you crave during the extreme cold. The catch, though, is how you can stay stylish in the winter season while wearing down coats. Consider the following tips.

The Black Madness

If you are too lazy to think about your winter outfit and yet you still want to rock your elegant outfit, follow the black madness. The trick is that you have to choose a high-quality black down jacket as the star of your winter attire. Then, match it with different tones of black from head to toe. You can go for a black beanie or a fur hat. For your shoes, go for ankle boots to match the baggy sweat pants for additional swag.

To give a slight emphasis on your elegant swag, highlight it with tiny details of bright color. For example, you can wear a plain white blouse or light-shaded scarf.

The neutral puffer

Other people who usually hesitate to wear earthly colors, such as gray, fear that these colors would compromise the outfit’s design and style. However, even if it may seem like a rare idea, you can try to wear your puffer coats in neutral shades.

You will be surprised how it can look good to you as it is marvelous in the eyes and with a very straightforward appeal.

Long For Long

If you want to try this water-resistant down coat, you have to consider the length of it so you can plan its perfect match. You can go for a baggy skirt with the below-the-knee length for a more stylish yet straightforward winter outfit. The catch is the twisted team-up of long down coats and long skirts to break the conventional ways of winter styles.

When you break the conventional fashion, you are more likely to create a new set of trends that can be a breath of fresh air, particularly on the winter wardrobe.

The Sexy Matrix

Most winter attires are baggy and oversized, but this winter outfit idea includes a short sexy dress that fits right enough to shape your figure. Cover it with a long down coat like that one from the Matrix movie so you can make your winter cooler than ever.

With this outfit involving a tight dress and a smooth and silky down coat, you can always match it with a pair of heeled sandals.

Explore The Unimaginable

You can style oversized down coats in a variety of ways. You can wear it with a belt, while prints and stripes are options. Whatever you want to do, you’ll do it in that style. However, there are occasions when you don’t need to go the extra mile. Even though it’s baggy, it’s sometimes enough to achieve a snug effect.

For example, this down coat with extraordinary style gives the wearer a sophisticated impression. It’s the most fantastic time to practice the phrase “simple yet elegant”.

The fact is, you can always outsmart the weather’s coolness with your coolness. These autumn coats can always focus on your experimentation if you want to get that fabulous look in the winter.


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